Israel And Hamas Agree To Temporary Cease-Fire, Hostage Release Deal

For several weeks Pro-Palestinian radicals, fascists have aggressively protested around the US demanding Israel stops it offensive against Hamas and their supporters in Gaza and the West Bank.

For instance: Thousands of pro-Palestinian marchers descended upon WH chanting ‘Allahu akbar,’ ‘F–k Joe Biden’

The Israeli Defense Forces were called up and send out to abolish Hamas following the terrorist groups unprovoked terrorist attack on the Holy Land October 7th.

Well it appears both sides of the conflict are getting their way, at least temporarily.

On Tuesday, Israel and Hamas agreed to a temporary cease-fire for humanitarian purposes that includes a hostage release deal.

Israeli officials voted on Wednesday morning local time to approve deal in which dozens of hostages kidnapped by Hamas will be let go in exchange for Israel releasing some Palestinian women and minors convicted of crimes from prisons inside Israel.

Hamas in exchange will release 12-13 hostages a day for four days in exchange for a ceasefire during that period of time, The Times of Israel reported.

Israel will release about three times that number to return to their homes in Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem.

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Fox News reported:

Tuesday that negotiations were in their final stages. Both sides ultimately agreed to their conditions. Qatari negotiators helped broker the agreement.

Under the deal, Israel’s military has agreed to temporarily stop its pursuit of Hamas — including its ground invasion of Gaza and its airstrikes — for humanitarian purposes.

Also, Hamas has agreed to release dozens of hostages in tandem with Israel agreeing to release Palestinian prisoners on a 3-to-1 ratio. Fox News’ Trey Yingst reported Hamas leaders would release one hostage for every three Palestinians that Israel releases from its prisons. 

Hamas, which governs Gaza, took about 240 hostages from Israel during its terror attack on Oct. 7, when it invaded Israel and killed approximately 1,200 people, mostly civilians.

The terror group said at the time that it took enough hostages, which included Israelis, Americans and other foreign nationals, to free all Palestinians in Israel.

Israel also reportedly agreed to allow fuel to go into Gaza, as well as a “significant amount of humanitarian aid,” the report said. Israel’s military and security agencies all reportedly supported the deal. It’s not clear when the ceasefire will go into effect.

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Even with a delicate deal finalized, the actual release of the hostages is expected to take at least 24 hours.

“You’ll see the first hostages come out over the course of Thursday,” a senior administration official said, noting that the release could occur at multiple locations.


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