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IRS Says Open Borders Ok, But Criminal To Pay Illegal Aliens Under The Table

The United States federal government was founded on the idea of supporting independent autonomous states, providing a common defense for the nation, and regulating interstate commerce.

For our Constitutional Republic to function properly there has to be law and order and equal justice for all, under the law.

The U.S. Congress has established immigration laws:

8 U.S. Code § 1324 makes it illegal to bring in and harbor illegal aliens yet using prosecutorial discretion, the White House has directed the Department of Homeland Security to not enforce the laws, by instead allowing a majority of the border crossers to play for asylum and release into the United States.

A problem that has emerged over the past two centuries is those in power have found ways to implement their world views outside traditional American values, around these existing laws.

For example, even though it is against the law to help illegal aliens, open borders politicians have figured out workarounds for millions of low-skilled workers via the asylum process in order to provide cheap labor for American companies.

But, in a massive show of hypocrisy, those who hire these now classified as “migrants”, must treat them as employees paying the government a lot in taxes.

To make sure they have enough agents to audit all-sized businesses, the Biden administration was just able to get through a new bill doubling the size of the IRS, by hiring nearly 87,000 new workers over the next decade.

What this means is the radicals in Washington DC are encouraging a massive number of illegal aliens to enter the country, with some going to work though, illegally. But at the same time, the IRS will hammer anyone who hires these illegal aliens, who are using illegally obtained social security numbers, but who pays them under the table.

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Here are a few successful prosecutions from the Department of Justice’s website.

The owners of a construction company in Jacksonville, Florida, plead guilty to defrauding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of millions of dollars while knowingly hiring illegal aliens — some of whom had been previously deported.

The Department of Justice announced that Raul Solis “pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and to unlawfully employ workers who were neither lawfully admitted to, nor authorized to be employed in the United States.” His son, Raul Solis-Martinez, had previously pleaded guilty to that same charge on July 27.

According to authorities, the two men owned two construction companies in the Jacksonville area where they regularly lowered labor costs by paying their employees both in cash and in checks to keep certain income off the books. In total, the DOJ claims that between 2014 and 2019, the two men failed to report $22,186,096.35 in wages. This allowed the business owners to avoid paying more than $5,613,00 in taxes

The DOJ claims that Solis and Solis-Martinez “knew that many of their employees had emigrated to the United States illegally or were otherwise not authorized to work here.”

The two have agreed to repay $5,613,082.38 to the IRS. A sentencing hearing will be held at a later date.

The Solis family is not alone in illegally hiring workers while committing fraud in the construction business.

On Thursday, a Tampa, Florida, man was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison after being convicted of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Kelbin Tejada ran a company that supplied workers for various manual labor jobs in the area. Per Florida law, Tejada was required to have adequate insurance for each of his employees. Many of the individuals supplied by Tejada to various construction were illegal aliens.

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Yet, in the course of business, Tejada “falsely and fraudulently” claimed in insurance applications that his company had a smaller payroll and number of workers working on job sites than in reality. Tejada also “falsely and fraudulently sent wire communications to numerous contractors representing that his company’s employees had full worker’s compensation coverage,” a DOJ press release noted.

In actuality, Tejada had been cashing $18,000,000 in checks from various construction contractors for these employees, while shielding the number of workers on his payroll. That figure “far exceeded the very limited payroll figures that Tejada had reported to his worker’s compensation insurance company.” That meant his workers were inadequately insured.

“Mr. Tejada not only defrauded insurance companies of thousands of dollars in premiums by lying on his policy application, more importantly he severely jeopardized the health and well-being of non-citizen laborers who work long hours in hazardous positions,” Homeland Security Investigations Tampa Assistant Special Agent in Charge John Dumas said in a statement.

The lesson they all learned, do as the federal government says in obeying tax laws, not as they do, by not following the immigration laws on the books themselves.

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