INVASION! Border Numbers Worsened In October, Historic Number of ‘Known Gotaways’

The Biden administration insists that they had to fix the “immigration mess” that former President Donald J. Trump left them.

In the past 6 months, the administration has told America that their policies have been implemented and are working.

VP Kamala Harris actually said that the border is under control.

In reality, the border numbers are getting worse.

In October, Border Patrol agents apprehended Agents another 86,796 “known gotaways” — migrants that they spotted crossing, and know they weren’t able to apprehend. That’s believed to be the highest number ever detected and paints an even grimmer picture of what’s going on at the border.

The numbers obtained by FAIR reveal that Border Patrol agents apprehended approximately 209,664 illegal aliens at our southern border in October.

This is believed to be the highest number of “known gotaways” ever detected and paints an even grimmer picture of a crisis that is a direct result of the Biden administration’s deliberate sabotage of our nation’s immigration laws.

In Arizona, agents have reported missing roughly as many migrants as they managed to catch.

“We are quickly approaching the end of a catastrophic two years for border security, and consequently, for the American people. The primary responsibility of the federal government is to protect Americans and our interests. President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas have knowingly, willfully, and consistently violated that responsibility,” said Dan Stein, president of FAIR.

“We have never seen such numbers in our history, and the Biden administration’s open-borders policies are solely to blame.”

“These are numbers the American people have a right to see within what was once a traditional time window, and we are glad to assist,” Stein continued.

“The Biden administration cannot continue to cover up what is happening by waiting until after business hours in the second half of the following month to release its data., Stein added”

“Working in partnership with the White House, Secretary Mayorkas continues to purposefully ignore our nation’s immigration laws while abandoning policies of the previous administration that were designed to keep our borders secure and the American people safe,” charged Stein.

“On that basis alone, Mayorkas must be brought up on impeachment charges in the next Congress. The fact is this: Nothing will improve until there is a public servant leading DHS who believes in borders—and secure ones at that.”

Regardless of the Biden administration’s propaganda messaging, Secretary Mayorkas’ intentional dismantling of Trump’s immigration policies including stopping the construction of the border wall, ending Title 42, and the Remain In Mexico policy, confirm that the entire Biden administration is in fact, open borders activists.

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