Impeachable – Biden Admin Giving “De-Facto Amnesty” To Millions Of Illegals

The founding fathers of the United States had to make a few assumptions in the creation and establishment of the three branches of government.

The President, and Chief Executive Officer, would be passionate about protecting the American citizenry by working with Congress to maintain law and order, and by securing our borders from enemies trying to enter.

The U.S. Congress, as elected officials by those in their individual states, would work on legislation that would help ensure states’ rights and limit the power and influence of the federal government.

The problem for our nation’s Founding Fathers and for those American citizens who still expect to still have the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, the federal government has managed to grow beyond manageability, and thus is doing things that go directly against the will of the people.

This week, leaked documents that were uncovered by The Washington Examiner revealed that federal prosecutors are quietly and quickly dismissing tens of thousands of US immigration court cases against illegal aliens under the direction of the administration’s order to not prosecute illegal border crossings from before the 2020 election.

There are currently over 2 million backlogged immigration cases, 4x the number of 2016, most of which are presumably eligible for dismissal under the policy.

Any case that gets thrown out will effectively shield the illegal immigrant from future federal deportation efforts.

Only those who crossed the border before November 1st, 2020 will be held responsible for circumventing US immigration law – all other cases will likely be dropped completely.

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“This is de-facto amnesty,” according to one Immigration and Customs Enforcement official who spoke with The Washington Examiner.

From The Washington Examiner:

“The Washington Examiner obtained leaked video recordings of virtual meetings that Kerry Doyle, ICE’s principal legal adviser, held with the more than 1,200 ICE prosecutors who bring cases against illegal immigrants nationwide, in which she explained in detail who should not be targeted for deportation. Illegal immigrants identified as national security and public safety threats, or those who had crossed the border illegally after Nov. 1, 2020, would be the only cases ICE would pursue. All others would be dropped.

As the memo explains — I think pretty clearly — we’ve put our thumb sort of heavily in favor of dismissal and durable solutions,” Doyle told her workforce in a private town hall meeting on April 14. “Even if you’ve spent a lot of time on the case, if it’s a nonpriority, you should be moving to offer [prosecutorial discretion] in that case…”

This is just the latest move by the rogue Biden Regime that is sidestepping the traditional norms of American democracy to continue the destruction of the Southern Border.

According to the ICE official, Biden’s radical Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas, who is in charge of handling these cases, is pressuring prosecutors to drop the cases and flout US immigration law in the process.

When combining the admin’s advancement of the struggling with trans issues, and the 0ver 50 billion dollars sent to Ukraine, the assumably into the pockets of Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs, the decline in traditional is increasing exponentially.

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The average patriotic family is now encouraging their children to serve in the military as it has also been highjacked by radicals. The US Army is so desperate for recruits that they dropped their high school diploma requirement,

This November and November 2024 must be red lines in the sand for true Americans, or there will no longer be the U.S.A.


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