Breaking – House Oversight Committee Releases Evidence Of Direct Payment To Joe Biden

On Friday House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) said his panel has uncovered evidence that Joe Biden, in 2018, received a “$200,000 direct payment” from his brother James Biden and sister-in-law Sara Biden, and is demanding the president answer questions about “financial arrangements” with members of his family.

“A document that we’re releasing today raises new questions about how President Biden personally benefited from his family’s shady influence peddling of his name and their access to him,” Comer said in the announcement.

In September, Chairman Comer issued three subpoenas for Hunter and James Biden’s personal and business bank records.

Comer has been leading an investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings since January and whether President Biden was involved in those ventures or “personally benefited” from them.

Biden has repeatedly denied benefiting from the overseas business dealings, which total well over $20 million in payments, according to IRS whistleblowers. He has not yet responded to this latest piece of evidence.

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According to bankruptcy court documents obtained by the House Oversight Committee, James Biden took money from his healthcare business Americore, and sent it directly to his brother Joe Biden.

The documents show that in 2018, James Biden obtained $600,000 in loans from Americore. James was able to receive the loans based upon ‘representations’ that his last name, ‘Biden,’ could ‘open doors.’

That same day, James Biden wrote a $200,000 check to ‘Joseph R. Biden‘ from his personal account for a ‘loan repayment.’ At the time, Joe had already left the vice presidency position.

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Republicans leading the investigation into the Biden family’s ‘influence peddling scheme’ that is the center of their impeachment inquiry into the president, say this personal check directly shows Joe was aware of – and included in – his family’s dealings.

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Congresswoman Elise Stefanik released the following statement:

“As I have always said, I believe that the facts and evidence will show that the corrupt and illegal Biden family influence peddling scheme goes straight to the top, the Big Guy, Joe Biden. Today, we have found a whopping $200,000 deposited directly into Joe Biden’s coffers. Thanks to the investigative efforts of Chairman James Comer and the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, there can be no doubt that Joe Biden is compromised, corrupt, and unfit to be President of the United States.”

Chairman Comer released a video outlining this direct payment and the questions President Biden must answer for the American people.

The press release finished with questions the committee will be seeking answers to, especially concerning the terms of this financial arrangement and if there were more like it.

“Does [Biden] have documents proving he lent such a large sum of money to his brother and what were the terms of such financial arrangement?” Comer said.

“Did he have similar financial arrangements with other family members that led them to make similar large payments to him? Did he know that the same day James Biden wrote him a check for $200,000, James Biden had just received a loan for the exact same amount from business dealings with a company that was in financial distress and failing?” Comer added.

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