Heckler Calls Justice Barrett ‘Enslaver of Women’ – Her Response Priceless (VIDEO)

Of all the influential governmental positions one can hold, a Justice on the Supreme Court, more and more, tops the list.

These lifetime appointees who are now dealing with never before argued cases, will decide what America looks like years way beyond their individual lives.

Frederick J. Ryan Jr., chairman of the library’s board of trustees, conducted the 45-minute interview with Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

It covered a number of topics, Fox News said, including Barrett’s nomination during the administration of former President Donald Trump, her personal life, and anticipated court decisions on abortion and gun control.

During Barrett’s remarks on stage Monday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, a heckler called Justice Barrett an “enslaver of women”

After a short pause as they removed the radical, Barrett offered a direct and effective response that had the audience cheering and applauding.

“Fortunately as a mother of seven, I am used to distractions — and sometimes even outbursts,” Barrett said following the heckler’s childish interruption.

Barrett had been answering a question about the media attention she received in 2018 as a potential SCOTUS nominee following former Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement announcement.

Watch Below:

After the heckling, the audio and then the video cut out for about 90 seconds, presumably to deal with the interrupting party. Just after the 18:35 mark, the audio returns; at the 18:42 mark, the video returns — after which Barrett offers her priceless response:

During moments like this we remember how fortunate we are that Donald J. Trump was our 45th President of the United States, giving us 3 conservative justices, compared to the mess we would be in if Hillary Clinton’s radical justice were on the SCOTUS instead.

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