Governor Ron DeSantis Appears To Back Harmeet Dhillon For RNC Chair

Without a doubt, the most effective, and in return popular governor in the nation is Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

Following 4 years of taking on Dr. Fauci’s draconian policies by leaving the Sunshine State open during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and fighting back again woke ideology through the various political, corporate, and educational systems, DeSantis was just re-elected by a record-setting 19.4 percent.

So when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appears to back attorney Harmeet Dhillon in her bid to become the new chair of the Republican National Committee, RNC incumbent Ronna McDaniel’s campaign should be paying attention.

DeSantis’ remarks come just one day before RNC committee members will vote on a secret ballot for positions in the party, including the chairmanship.

The Republican National Committee’s 168 members and their guests buzzed around the Waldorf Astoria on Wednesday, all under the same roof for the first time since a bitter race for party chair began nearly two months ago.

Weeks of bickering on email chains, dueling on Twitter, bomb-throwing on primetime conservative television and a flurry of phone calls to whip votes are now culminating in a three-day retreat with far fewer fireworks — or elbows — than some members anticipated.

“I think we need to get some new blood in the RNC,” DeSantis said during an interview. “I like what Harmeet Dhillon has said about getting the RNC out of D.C. Why would you want to have your headquarters in the most Democrat city in America? It’s more Democrat than San Francisco is.”

DeSantis criticized McDaniel’s performance during the interview, saying that the GOP has experienced several bad election cycles during her time as the head of well funded Republican National Committee.

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“We’ve had three substandard election cycles in a row, ’18, ’20, and ’22, and I would say of all three of those, ’22 was probably the worst, given the political environment of a very unpopular President Biden, huge majorities of the people think the country is going in the wrong direction,” DeSantis said.

“That is an environment that’s tailor-made to make big gains in the House and Senate and state houses all across the country, and yet that didn’t happen,” the potential 2024 presidential candidate added.

DeSantis said that the party needs “fresh thinking — here’s the thing, just practically speaking, you need grassroots Republicans to power this organization with volunteering and donations.”

“I think it’s going to be very difficult to energize people to want to give money, to want to volunteer their time with the RNC if they don’t see a change in direction,” DeSantis continued.

When asked about his experience with the RNC, DeSantis said that his campaign “ran our election, assuming we weren’t going to be involved with the RNC at all.”

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