GOP Blowout Coming In 2022? New Poll Has Democrats Really Nervous

The polling industry is considered a valuable tool for some and confusing for many.

The numbers go up and down as events like the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle take place.

The NY Times and other progressive newspapers are sounding the alarm to the left,  Democrats Are Anxious About 2022 — and 2024. The party’s fretting starts with the declining share of the Hispanic vote, but it doesn’t end there.

As we approach the 2022 midterm elections both political parties are commissioning polls to determine where to spend their money campaign funds over the next year.

In addition, they buy data from national polling outlets looking at the internal numbers.


A new poll from Quinnipiac University released Tuesday showed that a generic Republican on the ballot is favored to take back the House of Representatives in the midterm elections next year.

Registered voters were asked, “If the election were today, would you want to see the Republican Party or the Democratic Party win control of the United States House of Representatives?”

What is alarming for the democratic parties’ leadership is the trend.


“Among registered voters, 47 percent say they would rather see the Republican Party win control, while 44 percent say the Democratic Party, with 9 percent not offering an opinion. In September, 43 percent of registered voters said the Republican Party, 47 percent said the Democratic Party, and 11 percent did not offer an opinion.”

The last time the Republicans poll was this high, at 47 percent, was in December 2013.

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“Though the numbers are not overwhelming, they signal a potentially ominous trend for Democrats as a plurality of voters recommends tossing out the party that controls the House,” said Tim Malloy, a polling analyst at Quinnipiac University.

The last time the Republicans led the Democrats in the poll to win control of the House majority from a Quinnipiac poll was July 2014, when the Republicans had 46 percent as opposed to the Democrats had 44 percent.

In response to the poll, National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Mike Berg said, “Smart Democrats will consider retirement because Nancy Pelosi’s majority is doomed.”

Their poll was conducted between October 1 and 4.

They surveyed  1,326 U.S. adults nationwide survey.

The poll has a margin of error of +/- 2.7 percentage points.

A lot will change over the next year but the way things are trending for the GOP reminds me of Seabiscuit.

The Disney movie featured a racehorse that would run most of his races in the back of the pack, then try to make its move in the backstretch.

I am hoping the Republicans change their approach, to run like Seabiscuit did for the nationally publicized race against  Man o’ War, to stay in the front of the race sprinting through the finish line.

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