Cleaning House – 300+ Virginia State Employees Quit As GOP Gov. Ends Teleworking

For those who have the ability and tenacity to run large organizations, as a CEO, or choose to run and get elected as the Governor of a large state, operational deficiencies are not too difficult to identify.

The more difficult tasks involve how to fix the issues affecting employee work productivity, for example, while trying to maintain good employee morale in the process.

Liberals in the purple state of Virginia were blind-sighted by the election victory of Republican Glenn Youngkin last year.

Now Gov. Youngkin, since taking office as the State’s Chief Executive Officer, has been busy purging out some of the radical policies and employees from the massive state government.

More than 300 employees from five state agencies have resigned since Gov. Glenn Youngkin announced Virginia’s new telework policy in early May, according to records obtained by 8News.

This includes 183 Virginia Department of Transportation employees, 28 of whom cited “telework options” as the reason for leaving. Two VDOT workers who listed telework as the reason did move to another state agency, records obtained by 8News after filing a Freedom of Information Act request show.

On May 5, Youngkin updated the state’s telework policy for all state employees to begin working in-person full-time by July 5, a change the governor’s office stressed would provide “options for and supports the use of telework where appropriate.” Youngkin said it would help “balance the demands of government services with the needs of our public servants.”

According to those records, VDH had 78 resignations and VEC had 37 resignations from May 5 to June 27. Virginia’s Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) had seven resignations from May 5 to July 6 and Virginia’s Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) had six resignations from May 4 to July 7.

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“Unfortunately we’re not surprised by this information,” Dylan Bishop, a lobbyist for the Virginia Governmental Employees Association (VGEA), told 8News Friday. “We had anticipated that the shift in policy would result in an exodus of workers, which is really concerning because of the state’s recruitment and retention issues.”

“The governor is excited to welcome the Commonwealth’s workforce back in person and is encouraged by their continued dedication to serving Virginians,” Rob Damschen, Youngkin’s deputy communications director said in a statement. “We know an office-centric environment fosters collaboration and teamwork and provides an even greater level of service for all Virginians.”

The reality is government employees tend to earn much more than someone working in the same industry, but with a private sector company, and with better benefits.

But, some also develop an entitlement mentality, typically as a result of being a member of a liberal progressive union.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin obviously could see that the employees working remotely were not performing, on paper and in results, to the needed standards. So as any good CEO would do, he told them it was time to come back to the office.

Which on a side note, Elon Musk recently did the same thing for his employees as Tesla, and was planning on doing the same thing at Twitter.

Thus the exodus of some of the entitled is underway.

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