‘Go Out And Try To Milk A Bull’: Rally Erupts When Kari Lake Challenges Hobbs

During a campaign event over the weekend, Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake challenged her opponent, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, to “milk a bull” after claiming the Democrat “thinks there are 47 different genders.”

While Hobbs has tried to write off Lake as a MAGA “conspiracy theorist”, she has shown her fear of Lake’s momentum by refusing to debate the long-time and well-known television news anchor.

Lake who has been running her campaign with the throttle wide open has relentlessly gone after the insecure Democrat on both economic and social issues, leading to a slight lead in the latest polling.

“Katie Hobbs thinks there are 47 different genders,” Lake told a crowd of supporters in Morristown, AZ. “I’ll tell ya what, I’m not a biology major but there are two genders, guys. Two.”

“Since we’re here at a rodeo — Katie, I’ve got a challenge for you: Katie Hobbs, why don’t you go out and try to milk a bull and tell me how that goes,” the Republican said to loud cheering. “Maybe we can give her a common-sense-county education on the two genders. Send her out and have her milk a bull.”

Lake, unlike many in politics, appears to enjoy fighting back against the corrupt media that is looking to trip her up.

Over the summer, for example, the former news anchor left a CNN reporter stunned when Lake told her she’d do an interview with the network on “one condition” — that it be aired on the newly-defunct CNN+.

“Hi, Kari, nice to see you. Kyung Lah from CNN,” the reporter introduced herself as she approached Lake outside an event in June.

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“You don’t have a mask on anymore, what’s going on?” Lake asked, feigning surprise.

“Well, we’re outside,” Lah replied with a smile, and the two shook hands. “Do you have a minute to chat?”

“We’re six feet apart,” Lake interjected, and Lah asked again, “Do you have a minute to chat?”

“Um, I’ll do an interview,” Lake agreed, and then added her condition: “As long as it airs on CNN+. Does that still exist?”

“Ah, no,” Lah replied.

Kari Lakes’ tenacity and proposed conservative agenda just might help her get elected, and become the next Governor of Arizona.

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