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Globalists Including Mexican Government Assisting In Border Invasion (VIDEOS)

Unlike Barack Obama’s two terms in office, ending in 2016, the deep state has gone full-blown new world order during President Biden’s first 2 years in office.

Obama had to slowly advance his social activism and anti-American agenda items, while globalists are using the declining Joe Biden to sign the Great Reset agenda legislation and policies placed in front of him.

The two main ways leftists are attacking America are the indoctrination of generations via the education system and by opening up the southern borders while globalists fund the migration of tens of millions of foreign nationals to enter through it.

Ali Bradley, a Network Correspondent for @NewsNation  covering the border reports that Border Patrol agents were told to just rush through the latest wave of bussed-in illegals.

FOX News reporter Bill Melugin just released a video on Monday showing the orchestrated efforts of the various groups bringing in thousand of more illegal aliens simultaneously.

One of the videos shows 20 Mexican buses transporting illegal aliens to the US border in Juarez where they are dropped off.

Bill Melugin reported, “How did this caravan get there? It was bused in. Take a look at this video our team shot yesterday in Ciudad, Juarez. Watching as 20 of these migrant buses received a Mexican police escort and were bused into Ciudad, Juarez. And they were all dropped off at local shelters and NGOs. Well the migrants didn’t stay at those shelters they immediately walked down to the border, walked down to the river, and they crossed illegally en masse.”

Video from one of the passengers inside one of the migrant buses showing their Mexican police escort, as well as a photo of part of the huge group walking to the border after they were dropped off at NGOs in Ciudad Juarez, MX.

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An enormous mass of hundreds of migrants has just crossed illegally into El Paso, TX. There is now a massive line of migrants waiting to be taken into custody by Border Patrol, and more are coming. El Paso sector had over 2,600 crossings in 24 hrs Fri-Sat.

A huge migrant caravan of over 1,000 people crossed illegally into El Paso, TX last night, making it the largest single group we have ever seen. The city of El Paso reports Border Patrol now has over 5,000 in custody & has released hundreds to city streets.

One of the most massive single groups we have ever witnessed cross illegally at the border is crossing into Eagle Pass, TX right now. The line of people went so far into the trees it’s hard to get a count. Hundreds upon hundreds. Coyotes guiding them in water.

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I tweeted out the reality of the situation.


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