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Globalist Barack Obama: Sometimes You Just Have to Beat Racist, Angry, and Sexist Republicans

Former President Barack Obama described his political opponents as angry, racist, and sexist during a private conversation with some of Europe’s elites this summer, according to a newly revealed transcript.

“Sometimes it just turns out they’re mean, they’re racist, they’re sexist, they’re angry,” Obama said. “And your job is then to just beat them because they’re not persuadable.”

Obama shared his candid advice privately to European leaders in June after speaking publicly at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit in June.

The pragmatic politician also warned attendees away from sometimes getting too “filled up in our own self-righteousness.”

“We’re so convinced that we’re right that we forget what we are right about,” he said.

Details of his remarks were revealed in a new CNN report about the former president’s political activities during the midterms.

Obama argued in San Francisco that elections in the United States and around the world extend “beyond any particular issue” and are actually “a contest between those of us who believe in a vision of society in which each individual is treated with equal worth and equal dignity” and an opposing side “that has everything to do with tribe and race and sect and power and violence.”

Obama said that while it was a “decade-long project” to reverse “economic trends that have helped popularize a more authoritarian view of how society should be structured,” the key in the meantime was to “make sure that what guardrails remain to maintain our democracy stay in place” and to combat the attacks on the electoral process that have happened in recent years.

Obama, according to excerpts provided to CNN by a committee aide, told the audience in New York that “one of the things we learned over the last six years is that democracy is not self-executing” and that a little malice does a lot in “dismantling norms, habits, institutions that are the glue to become a big, diverse, multiracial, multicultural democracy on premise in place.”

Obama is not expected to make appearances on the campaign trail for the midterm elections, despite his aggressive work trying to burn down traditional America, in lieu of the Great Reset’s blueprint for a global community.

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Following the expected losses in the midterms, the anti-American former president is preparing to host a globalist summit to rally his party two weeks after Election Day.

Being described as a “Democracy Forum”, not only in the United States, but the gathering of progressives will focus on the future of a “global democracy”.

“We’ll explore a range of issues – from strengthening institutions and fighting disinformation, to promoting inclusive capitalism and expanded pluralism – that will shape democracies for generations to come,” Obama writes in an announcement of the event going out to donors.

“We’ll showcase democracy in action around the world, and approaches that are working. And we’ll discuss and debate ideas for how we can adapt our democracies and our institutions for a new age,” Obama added.


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