“Global Pandemic Treaty” Includes Mandatory, Universal Digital Passport And ID System

This week is the annual gathering of 2,500 of the world’s most powerful and influential global elitists. They are meeting at a remote, highly secure facility in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum and the WHO’s annual World Health Assembly.

The attendees from all 194 WHO member countries are being presented with the updated plans to move the world towards globalism. They will be asked to vote on major amendments to the International Health Regulations that would effectively strip away their sovereignty when pertaining to the handling of health issues, over to the WHO’s global health board in the event of a pandemic.

If the ratifications are agreed upon, the WHO would be granted sole authority over what constitutes a pandemic.

The main concern in the amendments for the average American is they give the WHO the authority to define what qualifies as an ‘existential threat to public health including, but not limited to: misinformation, parents protesting at school boards, free speech, and – of course – racism.

The changes also include plans for a mandatory and universal vaccine passport system that’s overseen by the WHO. In expectation this technology will be eventually be adopted, the globalist organization has already contracted a German-based company, called ‘T-Systems’, to develop the technology.

With most nations’ leadership open to global governance, and some already signing onto global treaties, the expectation of many attending is the WHO objectives will be passed.

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From the joint WHO and T-Systems announcement:

“The World Health Organization (WHO) will make it easier for its member states to introduce digital vaccination certificates in the future. The WHO is setting up a gateway for this purpose. It enables QR codes on electronic vaccination certificates to be checked across national borders.

It is intended to serve as a standard procedure for other vaccinations such as polio or yellow fever after COVID-19. The WHO has selected T-Systems as an industry partner to develop the vaccination validation services.”

According to Garret Mehl – the head of WHO’s Department of Digital Health and Innovation, the plan for the new universal system is to issue a QR code digital ID to every single person on the planet – that way, everyone is tracked. But, don’t worry, it’s just a “trust-building” exercise, Mehl explains.

From Mehl (via The Brownstone Institute):

Vaccination certificates that are tamper-proof and digitally verifiable build trust. WHO is therefore supporting member states in building national and regional trust networks and verification technology.

The WHO’s gateway service also serves as a bridge between regional systems. It can also be used as part of future vaccination campaigns and home-based records.”

The disbursement of the objectives of the WHO, which is led by hyper-globalist Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, by independent media sources, has been crucial in alarming citizens of the US.  The information is being used by those who love America to call and email their representatives demanding they vote NO on giving up any sovereignty, to anyone, at any time.

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This way of fighting the global cabal can be seen in the growing battle between those who love liberty and the institutions involved in The Great Reset, especially, Blackrock financial.  Their social justice-infused, ESG credit rating system, is now receiving resistance from several state legislatures, this wasn’t the case just a year ago.


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