Gas Prices, Economy, Crime Dominate Midterm Issues

According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll, record high gas prices, the economic recession, and soaring crime are the top three issues for voters heading into the November midterm elections,

In a sign that the Democratic establishment-controlled media is providing cover, the CNNs, etc, of the world continue to push climate change and the war in Ukraine as the top issues, but voters remain unconvinced.

They are more worried about issues that directly impact their lives.

In the poll, Ninety-two percent are concerned about rising gas prices, while 68 percent are very concerned. Ninety-one percent are concerned about President Joe Biden’s economic recession. Sixty-six are very concerned. And 86 percent are concerned about violent crime. Sixty-one percent are very concerned.

Breaking the top ten concerns are also Biden’s energy policies (86 percent), inflation (85 percent), election integrity (80 percent), local school issues (76 percent), election cheating (75 percent), abortion (70 percent), and illegal immigration (69 percent).

Meanwhile, the poll found the top issues for the establishment media are climate change (62 percent), the war in Ukraine (60 percent), January 6 (57 percent), coronavirus (57 percent), and LGBTQ issues (42 percent).

The poll sampled 1,000 voters from August 17-18 with a two-point margin of error.

The polling comes as Republicans are looking to retake the House and the Senate. The House is more likely to flip Republican than the Senate because the GOP in 2022 is defending far more key Senate battleground states than Democrats are.

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Some good news for the GOP.

In an NBC News poll covering last weekend, Republicans are the preferred party to win in November. When voters were asked, “What is your preference for the outcome of this November’s congressional elections?” Some 47 percent chose Republicans. Only 45 percent selected Democrats. In March, Republicans were also favored by two points (46-44 percent).

Polls are interesting but voter turnout is what will matter in the end, assuming of course that the voting systems have been purged of election fraud capabilities.


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