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FOX Joins In! Publicly Promoting Sex Changes In Minor Children

Social engineering is well underway, in week 2 of the highjacked month of June., PRIDE month.

Emotionally unwell parents and children are parading around the news networks to tell their sorry about how their minds and bodies are cross-wired requiring the mutilation and chemical altering of their body’s natural development.

On Friday, the once conservative Fox News aired a story as part of their Pride Month series.

As with CNN and other corporate news companies driven only by ratings and profit, FOX featured a California family who allowed/coached their five-year-old daughter to become a boy.

Yes, a five-year-old boy instead of being allowed to grow up and work through momentary issues with the support of healthy parents, was instead chemically, physically, and mentally permanently scared.

Fox News’ Bryan LLenas reported the story. It featured the now 14-year-old Ryland Whittington and his family from Southern California. The story was part of the “America Together: LGBTQ+ Pride Month” series, according to Llenas

During the interview, Hillary Whittington, Ryland’s mother, confidently and arrogantly seemed to enjoy the public notoriety, justified altering her daughter’s body and future, “I Would Rather Have a Living Son Than a Dead Daughter.”

Matt Walsh, blogger, and documentarian, who just released a film about the subject entitled “What Is A Woman,” spoke out in concern. 

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Walsh took to Twitter and said, “Does Fox want us to believe that BABIES can choose their gender? This is the most extreme, radical, dangerous form of gender ideology. And it’s being promoted on Fox News.”

Many conservative states are stepping in trying to protect the children.

In Texas, for example, Governor Greg Abbott has asked state agencies to investigate families and providers who assist minor children in the process of gender transition. 

As with other destructive policies, the Biden Administration continues to support the agenda of gender transitions for minor children. The White House released a Fact Sheet detailing its support of multiple transgender initiatives. 

The White House released material supporting surgical and hormonal therapies for transgender children.

document titled “Gender Affirming Care and Young People” was issued by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Population Affairs (OPA).


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