Former FBI Boss Says Entire Trump Search Warrant May Be Tossed

Another day, another Deep State leak from someone at the corrupt DOJ.

This time, the anti-Trump publication, The Washington Post, was sent a document, allegedly taken during the Mar-a-Lago Raid, which describes foreign government’s nuclear capabilities.

The risk of illegal leaks like this was part of U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling that a special master will be appointed to review the seized items to determine if any are personal items or items subject to claims of attorney-client privilege or executive privilege.

From Finish The Race:

“She [Cannon] also accepted the argument that there was a risk of the DOJ leaking materials that would cause harm to the former president.”

“In addition to being deprived of potentially significant personal documents, which alone creates a real harm, Plaintiff faces an unquantifiable potential harm by way of improper disclosure of sensitive information to the public,” Cannon wrote.”

In what would rock DC, former FBI boss Kevin Brock said he believes that the FBI warrant used to search former President Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago may be thrown out entirely in court.

“I think the government would be concerned as well because there’s concern that the search warrant itself was overly broad from the get-go,” Kevin Brock said on “Just the News, Not Noise” Tuesday evening.”

“Because the scope that they were looking for was every single document generated during the Trump administration — that just seems too inexcusably overbroad. Now there’s indications that they (the FBI) collected much more than they were authorized to collect,” Brock continued.

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“If I’m a prosecutor, I am concerned going forward that this search warrant could be suppressed and for those types of reasons, and they would lose access to anything that was collected throughout the search as a fruit of the poisonous tree,” Brock continued. “So I think that’s got to be in the back of their minds.”

Brock also criticized that the FBI chose to bypass the least intrusive route possible, choosing to raid Mar-a-Lago instead.

“You go into a home, you set up a system where those things that you seize are assiduously documented,” said Brock “They’re given a specific tracking number, a barcode and each piece is gone through meticulously before you leave the premises to make sure that it’s within the scope of the document.”

“And that’s only part one,” he continued.

“Part two is the warrant is not to be overly broad as to what parts of the residence can be searched. You can only search those things where it’s reasonably expected you would find the type of evidence that you are looking for.”

This additional leak confirms that those of us who believe the DOJ, FBI, and CIA are beyond salvaging, all corrupt to their core, are in the right.

Breaking them up, and reassigning their reposnsiblites to other government agencies, as support agents, must take place before justice can somewhat return in Washington DC.


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