Former Never-Trumper Does U-Turn, Donates $500K To Trump-Supporting Super PAC

Former President Donald J. Trump, the driving force behind the current MAGA movement, has been targeted by corrupt leaders in the National Intelligence Agencies, the Department of Justice, and the George Soros backed New York Attorney General and NYC District Attorneys.

After two years of Trump disputing the 2020 election results, the anti-Trump movement was ready to pounce on the 45th President of The United States leading up to the 2022 midterm elections.

Even though the GOP took back control of the US House and only lost one Senate Senate on November 8th, the never-Trumpers have been calling for Republicans to abandon Trump for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Their argument is Trump is the reason the “red wave” did not take place and that a new face is needed if the party wants to win in 2024.

As the Twitter files have been released showing the collusion between the Biden campaign and the social media giant, Mr. Trump called for the termination of the Constitution and for him to be re-instated, leading to an additional piling on by RINOs including Former National Security Advisor of the United States.

The thing about President Trump, he is a fighter and should never be counted out.

In what has to be a huge encouragement for the Trump 2024 campaign, both financially and emotionally, BPH Properties donated $500,000 to MAGA Inc, a Super PAC made up of allies of Donald Trump – BPH properties is a business run by Stan Pate.

CNBC reported:

The recent big individual donation, outside the $40 million from Save America in November, was a $500,000 contribution from BPH Properties, an Alabama-based business run by real estate titan Luther S. Pate, IV. Pate, who also goes by Stan Pate, did not return a request for comment. State business records list Pate as BPH Properties’ president.

Pate published photographs of Trump and himself on the Alabama businessman’s Facebook page just days before the November midterm elections. Pate wrote in a Nov. 5 post that he was with Trump at his private club Mar-a-Lago and said that the highlights of the discussion were “the upcoming midterm elections on Tuesday, voter fraud, stolen elections, 2024 and more. MAGA!”

The contribution from BPH Properties was received by the pro-Trump PAC on Nov. 9, just four days after Pate published the photographs, according to the FEC filing.

What makes Pate’s donation so significant is he is a former never-Trumper who ran ads against Trump in 2016.

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NBC News reported:

Stan Pate, a millionaire real estate developer from Tuscaloosa, is the man behind a pair of satirical full-page ads that ran last week in two nations with no electoral say in the outcome of the 2016 campaign: Mexico and Korea.

Pate’s anti-Trump political action committee, We The People Foundation, sponsored a full-page ad Sunday in Mexican newspaper El National. The ad pictured a fictional invoice from Trump to the Mexican government for “the beautiful, wonderful Trump wall on the Mexican border.”

“Past due!” blared the notice, which requested payment of $16 trillion.

The other ad, which appeared in the Seoul-based Korea Herald (as well as in its Korean-language publication distributed in the U.S.), offered “NUCLEAR BOMBS FOR SALE!” and promised “magnificent, beautiful, spectacular” bombs available from seller Donald Trump.

Trump will have a sizable war chest and instant access to 4 million of his supporters via his social media platform during the 2024 presidential primaries.

Those who are and have always been against Trump the politician might want to take a momentary chill pill as this is going to be a long 2 years for them.

I can only imagine what they will do if (when) President Trump wins a second term on Tuesday, November 5, 2024.


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