FBI Stops ISIS Sympathizer’s Plan To Kill President Bush

For many years, as part of the immigration debate, the US / Mexico border has been the most contentious part of the equation.

Securing our nation’s open border should be, for many Americans, the federal government’s main concern and a priority in their efforts to prevent criminals and terrorists from entering our sovereign nation undetected; which unfortunately it has not been.

With an open border, the U.S. is experiencing a surge in deadly narcotics, human trafficking, and millions of unvetted illegal aliens, some of who are in the Cartels. In addition, some are fleeing criminal prosecution back home and others are sexual predators who have yet to be caught.

One category, which has difficult to ascertain the real numbers for, is potential terrorists recruited to join cells working on another 911-type attack.

With this being said, progressives have intentionally not allowed the U.S. Southern border to be secured for various reasons.

The main reason, which Democrats have publically acknowledged requires US Code 8 violations to go unpunished, allows for a massive flow of foreign nationals, seeking asylum, to illegally stream across the border for processing, but with many of them eventually disappearing into the interior of the United States.

For the millions of “migrants”, their best shot at citizenship is to request asylum. If accepted, they have multiple years before they have to appear before an immigration judge.

One of them, the FBI claims an Islamic State sympathizer living in Ohio plotted to assassinate George W Bush, but confidential informants helped federal agents foil the plan, according to court records. His plan purportedly called for assassins – at least some coming from Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, and Denmark – to enter via the southern border on visitor visas from Mexico.

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Details of the alleged scheme to kill the former president are laid out in a warrant that the FBI obtained in March to search the accused operative’s cellphone records, a 43-page document that was only unsealed in recent days.

The man in the warrant – 52-year-old Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab – was arrested on Tuesday morning, federal prosecutors said in a statement

“President Bush has all the confidence in the world in the US Secret Service and our law enforcement and intelligence communities,” said the former president’s chief of staff, Freddy Ford.

According to the warrant, Shihab, a Columbus resident, wished to murder Bush as revenge for the Iraqis killed during the invasion of the country in 2003, during the first of Bush’s two terms in office.

The FBI claims that Shihab – who has been in the US since 2020 with a pending asylum claim – told a bureau informant who specializes in smuggling immigrants that he had belonged to a group named al-Raed (Arabic for thunder), headed until recently by a former pilot for the executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Shihab, the warrant said, then revealed his desire to kill Bush and asked whether the informant knew how to get replica law enforcement badges to help advance the plot, for which his role was to scout out the former president’s homes and offices, while also securing weapons and cars.

The suspect also allegedly asked whether the informant could smuggle into the US seven or so Islamic State assassins who would carry out the hit and then whisk them away by the same route after Bush was dead, the warrant said.

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