Testimony – FBI Knew Sussman Worked For Hillary Still Investigated Trump

The United States is in decline for several reasons, but lawlessness appears to be the main culprit driving the speed at which we are no longer functioning as free people, in a land of opportunity.

When looking at the events that took place during the run-up to the 2016 election, and even extending to the post-Trump Presidency years, the agencies designed to prevent domestic terrorism and other acts of violence on our nation’s soil are thoroughly corrupt.

In the ongoing Michael Sussmann case, the prosecution just ended their presentation of evidence against the former federal prosecutor and a former partner at the law firm Perkins Coie.  The defense team went to work trying to show that their client was transparent about this working relationship with the Hillary Clinton campaign while asking the FBI to investigate Donald J. Trump.

Michael Sussmann met with the FBI as a client representative of the Hillary Clinton Campaign weeks before his one-on-one meeting with the bureau’s top lawyer before the election in 2016.

The Courthouse News Service reported on yesterday’s activities in the Sussmann trial.

After prosecutors rested their case in the Michael Sussmann trial on Wednesday, a federal jury learned for the first time that he met with the FBI as the client representative for Hillary Clinton’s campaign just weeks before his infamous one-on-one meeting with the bureau’s top lawyer in 2016.

The government has repeatedly insisted that the bureau did not know that Sussmann was legal counsel for the campaign — in litigation related to Russian hacking groups’ accessing Democratic National Committee servers — when he met with then-FBI General Counsel James Baker in 2016 and gave him data files allegedly containing evidence of secret communications between then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russia’s Alfa Bank.

The government claims that if the FBI knew during the September 2016 meeting that Sussmann was representing the campaign in other matters, the bureau might have taken different steps in its investigation of the Trump-Alfa Bank information he brought, which he said was “not on behalf of a client.”

This is what you call collusion, and after Trump was sworn in, treasonous.

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The evidence from various investigations leading up to and now including the Sussmann trial testimony shows that the highest levels of government including President Obama, CIA Director Brennan, and FBI Director James Comey, and all the way down through the ranks, were working to prevent a Trump Presidency, then part of the Coup D’etat to get President Trump removed from office.

Durham’s case rests on the argument that Sussmann came into James Baker’s office and provided Baker false information on a Trump-Alfa Bank connection and that Baker was unaware that Sussmann worked for Hillary.

As Comey’s top lawyer at the FBI, Baker in reality would have been privy to the entire narrative.

Sussmann’s evidence indicates that the FBI knew the information coming from Sussmann was flawed/compromised yet pursued an investigation anyway.  The FBI knew the information was coming from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


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