Fauci Flip Flops Again — Now Says “Fully Vaccinated” Means 2 Shots Plus One Booster

For those of you who love to read the best part of the journey is reading the final words of the story, closure.

Unlike stories contained in the pages between a book’s cover, the never-ending COVID saga and changing directives have created an uneasiness with its lack of an end game.

One of the main characters, who has been discredited by recent articles for funding the COVID virus, Dr. Anothony Fauci, is still lauded by the media as the final authority of dealing with the pandemic.

At some point, the rest of the world must wake up to see this man is an opportunist who loves to be in the picture, on the television.

Dr. Anthony Fauci just moved the goalposts again. This time on what it means to be “fully vaccinated,”

In May Fauci and the Biden administration begged Americans to get vaccinated saying that being “fully vaccinated” meant two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccine.

Biden continued that Americans would be able to take off the mask and return to pretty much their old way of life.

Not too quick, flip-flopping Fauci is now saying, because of the Delta Variant, Americans are not fully vaccinated unless we get the booster shot too.

In a recent interview with The Atlantic, Fauci now says fully vaccinated means two COVID shots plus on booster shot.

Yong: You seem to be quite bullish about using boosters. And you’ve defended the administration’s decision to talk about widespread availability before the FDA had a chance to weigh in. What is your stance on the role that they should play in the pandemic going forward?

Fauci: “Having said that, I’ve made it clear that my opinion has always been that I believe that a third-shot booster for a two-dose mRNA [vaccine] should ultimately and will ultimately be the proper, complete regimen. The vaccine is very successful. The durability of it is something that’s a subject of considerable discussion and sometimes debate.”

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For me as someone who probably had COVID in January 2020, this is just one more reason why I will not be getting any of the COVID-related vaccines.

If you choose to do so great, this is America the land of the free, home of the brave.

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