Shots Reportedly Fired at Trump Caravan in LA!

The LEFT strikes back on the left coast.

At least three incidents took place this weekend by progressives acting out when confronted with traditional Americans living freely.

  1. LA County sent Grace Community Church, using a food permit excuse, a 30-day eviction notice because they lost in court when attempting to violate their 1A rights.
  2. A MAGA supporter was shot and killed in Portland as he was participating in a pro-Trump caravan.
  3. Gunshots were fired at a pro-Trump caravan driving on Ventura Boulevard in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles Sunday afternoon.

In reference to the last one, some local snowflakes were “triggered” by an estimated 700 vehicles participating in a Trump caravan.

It was made up of individuals who wanted to get out and support their President.

Probably suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, they reportedly shot at the vehicles from their apartment.

The police reported a tire was possibly blown out by the alleged gunfire but that no one was injured. They also reported three suspects are holed up in a nearby apartment building.

Via Gateway Pundit

Emily Valdez, KNX-AM, “Breaking: SWAT Called out in Woodland Hills after someone from an apartment on #VenturaBoulevard shoots at pro-Trump caravan of cars. A tire on the vehicle was shot out. No injuries. The suspect barricaded in an apartment, per LAPD.”


“Officers responding to reports of a person with a gun in Woodland Hills Sunday have evacuated some buildings in the area, the Los Angeles Police Department said. Three suspects are barricaded at a location in the 20500 block of Ventura Boulevard, LAPD said.”


“A witness driving east on Ventura Blvd. at around 11:30 a.m. called police after she heard what she believed were shots fired, then noticed her tire went flat. A second witness called police separately, saying that they believed the shooter was inside The Avalon apartment building at 20544 Ventura Blvd. The building was evacuated, and police said three suspects are barricaded inside the building.”


“A large caravan of cars in a pro-Trump rally was lined up on Ventura Boulevard when a woman who was not participating in the rally, driving past the rally, heard what sounded like gunshots and immediately noticed her tire was flat, the LAPD said.”

The Los Angeles Times reported they were given a photo of a man on a balcony holding a rifle and that the woman’s flat tire had been damaged by a “projectile”:

…Officer Will Cooper of the Los Angeles Police Department said officials received a report that a man was firing at a caravan as it traveled along Ventura Boulevard near Chalk Hill shortly before 11:30 a.m. The incident was initially described as someone brandishing a firearm and throwing bottles at the vehicles but was later updated to include a report of shots fired, he said.

…A woman who was driving east on Ventura past the procession heard what sounded like gunshots and noticed her tire went flat, Los Angeles police said in a news release. When she inspected it, she found it had been damaged by a projectile, possibly a bullet or a bullet fragment, police said.

…Jorge Rodriguez, deputy chief of the LAPD Valley bureau, said the department obtained a photo of man with a rifle on the balcony of an apartment unit. It’s unclear what kind of rifle he was holding.

The alleged shooter and two others barricaded themselves inside the property in the 20500 block of Ventura Boulevard, Cooper said. It wasn’t immediately clear whether all three men were believed to be armed…

Not everyone was thrilled:

As we see more and more students get indoctrinated, via our public schools and universities, these Marxists will continue using race and gender trying to further divide us.

The problem is these domestic terrorist groups of ANTIFA & BLM, along with the thugs in the apartment and shooter in Portland, choose violence to force their will on peaceful citizens.

They have so far found out that everyday Americans are not looking for a fight and thus they have been successful in intimidating their communities.

They will continue to do so unless they are hit back with stronger resistance.

Is America willing to fight for its liberty? Is so, some might die in the process, just like the Revolutionary and Civil Wars before us.

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