Black Lives Matter Bringing ‘Protest Parties’ to Trump Supporters’ Homes

How would you feel is Black Lives Matter mobs started showing up outside your house, threatening you, as your neighbors are watching it all go down.

Not only do you have to deal with the fact that domestic terrorists know where you live but can also now follow you to your job, your friends, a restaurant, church, etc.

Will your neighbors assume you must have done something immoral to justify a mob protesting outside your home?

Our Constitutionally protected rights in the first amendment are being abused by these modern-day fascists. They claim they have a right to assemble on public property, even if threatening the homeowner, and say what they want under “free speech”.

When some of the homeowners get scared they grab their Constitutionally protected right to bear arms, so the question is, why are the arresting one over another?

How do these mobs find MAGA supporters to stalk and protest at their homes?

Via Gateway Pundit

A group of Milwaukee Black Lives Matter militants are bringing “protests” to the homes of Trump supporters.

On Tuesday evening, a Trump supporter was arrested for holding a shotgun by the window of his own home as it was surrounded by a mob of far-left lunatics — and it turns out it wasn’t this group’s first time showing up at the home of a random person to “protest” and intimidating.

On a Facebook page called “Justice Tour 2020,” Vaun L Mayes, a man who describes himself as “Milwaukee’s Malcolm X,” has been posting personal information on Trump supporters. The page is littered with people’s phone numbers, addresses, and calls for crowds to show up at their homes for “protest parties.”

Former Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales was also targeted by the group, who repeatedly held “protest parties” outside his home.

“The protesters say they’re “bringing the fight against racism to front doors.” But Ald. Nikiya Dodd — who represents the 5th District, where Morales lives — says the protests are a nuisance and a threat to public safety that must be addressed immediately,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported in July.

Morales was demoted back to a captain in August for using tear gas and pepper spray against rioters.

It social justice warrior ran platforms like Facebook & Twitter it is ok for their users to publish innocent people’s addresses online for mobs to form for intimidation, but not for conservative pages using to fight the tyranny coming from the left.

Just like the Sharia Law Imam who I saw in a speech, they would use our Constitution to destroy our Constitution, these BLM terrorists are using our 1A protections to try to destroy our 1ST and 2nd amendments.

If they can keep the US population scared, assign the blame for our cultural divisions to “hate speech” and guns, with enough power over time, and a liberal supreme court, could change our bill of rights, leading theirs and future generations into Marxism, tyranny!

Intimidation and threats are not peaceful, and must not be allowed.

If someone feels threatened on their own property or in public, they must maintain their right to protect themselves with a firearm.

Vote conservative on November 3rd, Republican the entire ballot.

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