Fanatical DACA Activists Harass AZ Senator Sinema On Airplane, Then Through Reagan International Airport

If we were in Hollywood writing a script for an upcoming series on how NOT to act when trying to win people over, a few illegal alien women mistreating one of their state’s U.S. Senators would win the Oscar going away.

Act one; A handful of radical DACA youth broke several laws during their interactions with U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema(D-AZ) at Arizona State University where she was guest speaking.

In their pursuit of intimidating Sinema, the mob illegally got into the locked building.

After waiting outside the classroom where she was speaking, stalked her while telling her their demands for amnesty and for the senate to pass the 3.5T spending bill.

In a disgusting display of them having no cultural awareness, 2 of the girls actually followed the senator into the bathroom, kept harassing her while she was in the stall, then pursued her all the way back to the classroom again, making their demands all the way.

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This afternoon Senator Sinema took a flight back to Washington DC.

During the flight, another illegal alien, though a DACA recipient, harassed Sinema during the flight.

In what sounded like the same script as the day before, this woman also urged Sinema to pass immigration in the Democrat bill so she can stay in the country.

According to laws passed by congress, all of these girls who are in our country illegally should have been deported thus not around to intimidate this sitting U.S. Senator hoping to change her vote.

In further confirmation these events were pre-planned, a small mob of angry activists was waiting in Washington DC to further harass her, this time through the Reagan International airport.

I am hoping these events further embolden Senator Sinema to do the right things and not vote for the 3.5T or lesser version of the spending bill.

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