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Famous Musician Touched By Stranger’s Act Of Kindness


Famous Musician Touched By Stranger’s Act Of Kindness

Back in the ’80s there was a wide range of music, haircuts, and clothing seen in music videos on MTV.

One of the bands, REO Speedwagon, is still entertaining audiences of all ages in 2022.

The lead vocalist of the band was the recipient of an act of kindness while trying to rent a bicycle in Toronto on Monday.

Kevin Cronin was set to perform at Budweiser Stage alongside Styx Tuesday night, he said in a social media post.

“While I was attempting (unsuccessfully) to rent a bicycle from a kiosk here in Toronto this afternoon, a super-friendly family went out of their way, and offered me one of their rental bikes,” he wrote.

“They refused to take no for an answer, nor would they accept any token of my appreciation… including free concert tickets for Tuesday night,” he said.

Cronin said the family did not recognize him, but that they were “simply being nice”.

“We all need reaffirmation of the intrinsic kindness in human nature, and I got my daily reminded today in Toronto,” he added.

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