Enough, FL To Send Illegal Aliens To Sanctuary States

For several months Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has given the Biden administration notice that the Sunshine State was not going to allow Joe to drop off a massive number of illegal aliens in the middle of the night.

In response, Biden’s DHS briefly stopped routing their busses full of illegals from the Texas border, to Florida.

In a sign that Florida has had enough, Governor DeSantis said on Thursday he intends to sign a bill penalizing federal contractors for dumping illegal immigrants in the state, and the state will reroute illegal aliens to states such as President Biden’s Delaware.

“You know, we are fighting Biden at the border to, they say, oh you’re not a border state, what do you care,” DeSantis said, pointing directly to the fentanyl crisis, emphasizing that it is affecting the entire country.

“We have a responsibility to be fighting back,” he said, noting the administration’s case on catch and release, predicting that “we’re gonna win that.”

“I’m gonna sign a bill very soon. It will be effective July 1. The contractors are gonna get penalized if they dump illegal aliens in Florida from the border,” he said, adding that the state will have millions to reroute caravans to “places like Delaware and other sanctuary states.”

“You see there’s a massive, massive caravan that’s coming towards the southern border right now. And what is Biden doing?

He’s fumbling around on late-night TV shows, and he needs to get in the game here and he needs to defend our country’s sovereignty because that’s gonna absolutely [get] overwhelmed, not just Texas, but it’s gonna overwhelm a lot of other communities throughout the United States of America,” DeSantis continued, noting that the border crisis was in much better shape before Biden took office.

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“Now this is the worst it’s ever been and the result is you have fentanyl pouring into this country, you’ve got sex trafficking, you’ve got all kinds of really, really bad stuff,” he added, noting that it is the number one cause of death for people 18-45.

“That would not happen if you didn’t have the border open and this stuff pouring in in record numbers,” he said, calling Biden’s policies “destructive.”



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