Dr. Phil Tells Rogan: ‘Hell No’ You Wouldn’t Get On A Plane If John Fetterman Was The Pilot

The famous psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw (Dr. Phil) told Joe Rogan, host of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” during a recent episode that it was clear there is something wrong with Pennsylvania Democrat U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman.

The remarks by Dr. Phil come after Fetterman debated last week against Republican challenger Dr. Mehmet Oz, and the overwhelming reaction to the debate was that it was a disaster for Fetterman, who is recovering from a stroke.

Fetterman needed closed captioning technology to fully understand the questions posed to himself and Oz. Fetterman.

Moderator Lisa Sylvester of WXPI informed viewers of the accommodation for Fetterman seconds after she and her counterpart Dennis Owens of WHDM were introduced:

And you may notice these large monsters that are behind us. This is part of our closed captioning system. It was requested by John Fetterman to help him process the questions we are asking him tonight and approved by both campaigns. And both candidates can see the monitors. 

“One of the screens will show only the questions being asked tonight; the second screen will caption the questions and responses from Mehmet Oz,” added Owens.

“We have live, experienced captions in studio to ensure we are as accurate as possible in what’s sure to be a fast-paced program.”

In spite of all the assistance, Fetterman struggled to speak coherently during the entire debate.

During the podcast, Rogan said “I’m sure you saw that debate between Dr. Oz and that guy Fetterman for the Pennsylvania Senate. And the gentleman Fetterman had a stroke five months ago. And he’s clearly compromised, to the point where while he’s communicating, he’s not just stumbling. He is kind of lost in thought and can’t form a coherent sentence and bounces around from it. He looks, he looks troubled. And I was watching MSNBC and they were trying to say, ‘well, I mess up sometimes when I talk and you know, I misspeak and I stumble on my words.’”

“Of course you do, everybody does, we’re human. I do it all the time,” Rogan continued. “But there’s a big difference between the overall one-hour debate. You’re looking at a guy who seems to have something really wrong with his brain. And for you to gaslight and pretend that’s not the case just because it doesn’t fit with your narrative, that’s not news. That’s propaganda and it’s f***ing dangerous.”

In response, McGraw said they he has not tested Fetterman or President Joe Biden, BUT he said it seemed to him “President Biden is not at his best and that Fetterman is not at his best.”

“And I’m not trying to be unkind. He had a stroke,” McGraw explained. “I mean, the poor guy, he had a stroke.”

“Just ask yourself,” McGraw added, “Let’s say you were getting on an airplane and the airline pilot had had a similar cognitive impairment. Would you get on? Well, hell no.”

Watch the exchange below.

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Following the debate, local Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, station WPXI opened an online poll for viewers to cast their vote and choose a winner.

Although Fetterman is considered the favorite in the Pittsburgh area, about 82 percent of viewers said Oz won the debate, while the Democrat garnered just 18 percent.

A spokesman for Fetterman tried to run some interference for his candidate’s disastrous outing.

He did “better” in the debate than his prior debate in the Democrat primary, telling local media: “John spoke better tonight than he did in the primary.”


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