Dr. Fauci – It’s “Entirely Conceivable” Annual Covid Booster Shot (VIDEO)

Just like an old cat that just will not go away, Dr. Anthonly Fauci was back out making the media rounds. pushing for more vaccines.

Fauci’s resume is becoming more tainted by the week, having just gone through 2 years of making several mistakes as the head of the White House COVID Response Team.

Fauci was also caught funding, gain-of-function research, at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

Faucik is also involved with the globalists group, The World Economic Forum

Fauci joined New York, NY channel 11’s, PIX on Politics, to discuss the pandemic, monkeypox, and gun violence through the lens of a public health crisis.

During his weekend interview, he said it is “entirely conceivable” that Americans will need a yearly Covid booster shot.

“When do we phase out the term booster and transition to a yearly shot, much like a flu. Is that a possibility or a reality?” Pix11 reporter Dan Mannarino asked Fauci.

“We should really be, and ultimately be talking more about keeping your vaccinations up to date,” Fauci said. “That might merge into a yearly boost….it’s entirely conceivable…We know that immunity wanes over time. We know that you need to be boosted to be protected.”

Fauci continued, “So depending upon what this virus does, there is certainly a reasonably good chance that we will have the same sort of situation that we have with influenza, where every year you have to re-boost people to keep that protection up.”

Is it getting tiresome to keep seeing you on news broadcasts, with you constantly betting on your drum of more vaccinations?

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FYI, Millions of Americans like myself, will not be getting any of your recommended shots.


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