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DeSantis Suspends 4 Members Of Radical Broward County School Board

Once again, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) used his authority to clean out the swamp, this time 4 members of the far left-leaning Broward County School Board.

This move by the popular politician follows his suspending State Attorney Andrew Warren three weeks ago for refusing to enforce Florida law.

The Four members of the Broward County School Board in Florida were suspended by DeSantis for “a pattern of emboldening unacceptable behavior, including fraud and mismanagement.”

Patricia Good, Donna Korn, Ann Murray, and Laurie Rich Levinson have all been suspended from the board, effective immediately.

DeSantis appointed Torey Alston, Manual “Nandy” A. Serrano, Ryan Reiter, and Kevin Tynan as interim members until the next elections are held.

“It is my duty to suspend people from office when there is clear evidence of incompetence, neglect of duty, misfeasance or malfeasance,” DeSantis said in a statement. “This action is in the best interest of the residents and students of Broward County and all citizens of Florida.”

DeSantis’ actions were predicated on the results of a grand jury that had been impaneled by the state supreme court after the devastating shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in February 2018.

The grand jury was tasked with determining whether there had been any instances of fraud or mismanagement that may have caused lapses in security and safety in area schools.

The grand jury report claimed that “students continue to be educated in unsafe, aging, decrepit, moldy buildings that were supposed to have been renovated years ago.”

They also pointed out that the four suspended board members routinely neglected their duties in favor of building their brands.

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The grand jury found that school safety had supposedly been “such a low priority” for the suspended board members that an alarm which some have suggested could have saved lives at MSD “remains uninstalled at multiple schools.”

“Broward County has provided a cornucopia of examples of an almost fanatical desire to control data and use it to manipulate public perception, including that surrounding safety,” the grand jury report states. The suspended members “are seemingly obsessed with the optics of any situation and control of public impressions of their activities.

As one might expect, critics of the grand jury complained that its report focuses mainly on the SMART Program, a public safety measure approved by voters in 2014 intended to improve campus safety. The report discusses the ballooning costs of the program and some questionable decisions made by the accused board members, as well as former superintendent Robert Runcie.

“What country is this? What Gov. DeSantis did is un-American and undemocratic,” Levinson, the board’s chairwoman, said in response to the ousting. “He doesn’t care about democracy and overturned the will of the voters. This is all about political retribution for not firing Superintendent Runcie.”

Can you imagine what would happen if every Republican governor would follow DeSantis’ pattern of attacking and cleaning out the swamp?

MAGAA would start returning just in time for a Trump third election victory.


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