Disconnected Joe Biden: ‘Inflation Rate Month-to-Month Was Up Just an Inch, Hardly at All’

In his first one-on-one interview with an American television news outlet for over half a year, President Joe Biden made many unforced errors when asked straightforward and predictable questions.

When asked about inflation during the interview with 60 Minutes which aired Sunday, reporter Scott Pelley reminded him that the annual inflation rate came in at 8.3 percent in August.

Joe tried to downplay skyrocketing inflation that is crushing middle and lower-income earners, insisting it was only up “just an inch” in the short term.

“Well, first of all, let’s put this in perspective. Inflation rate month to month was just– just an inch, hardly at all,” Biden replied.

“You’re not arguing that 8.3% is good news,” Pelley replied.

“No, I’m not saying it is good news,” Biden responded. “But it was 8.2% or — 8.2% before. I mean, it’s not — you’re ac — we act — make it sound like all of a sudden, ‘My god, it went to 8.2%.’”

When Pelley reminded him that it was the highest inflation rate in 40 years, Biden replied, “I got that. But guess what we are. We’re in a position where, for the last several months, it hasn’t spiked. It has just barely — it’s been basically even.”

Biden provided no assurance to Americans that he expects inflation to decline anytime soon.

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“And you would tell the American people that inflation is going to continue to decline?” Pelley asked.

“No,” Biden replied. “I’m telling the American people that we’re gonna get control of inflation.”

In the same interview, Joe went to upset his political party by telling Pelley that the COVID pandemic is over.


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