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DeSantis Says No To Invite From The View: ‘We Will Pass On This Offer’


DeSantis Says No To Invite From The View: ‘We Will Pass On This Offer’

The radicals on the daytime talk show, The View, spend most of their time bashing anything conservative while trying to appear sane in the process.

In their attempt to chip away at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ popularity, and I am sure hoping to get a gotcha moment on his social and other cultural policies, the ladies of the View instead of getting an acceptance from the DeSantis’ team for the governor to appear with them, were instead publically, embarrassingly, shot down by the popular conservative.

DeSantis’ office has rejected an invitation for the governor to appear.

“@TheView emailed our office on Friday asking for us to arrange an appearance from Governor DeSantis on the show. ‘We would be honored,’ they wrote,” according to Bryan Griffin, deputy press secretary for DeSantis.

Griffin posted a screenshot of a note in which he rejected the media request.

“Thanks for the invite. I understand that you are sending this request on behalf of your team,” Griffin wrote. “But are the hosts of the View really interested in hearing from Governor DeSantis about all of the important work he is doing on behalf of Floridians to protect their health and livelihoods, to stand up for parents and children, and to defend freedom? Which of the below statements from the hosts of the View do you recommend our team consider when deciding if the interview will be a genuine pursuit of the truth? Or worth the time?”

Griffin went on to include hateful quotes from the show’s hosts, including one in which Joy Behar described DeSantis as “a negligent, homicidal sociopath” who risked people’s lives in order to “appeal to his white supremacist base … and get reelected.” Another one of the quotes highlighted Sunny Hostin calling the governor “Death-Santis” and describing him as “a fascist and a bigot.”

“We will pass on this offer,” Griffin wrote. “Also please note — we don’t coordinate appearances or events of a political nature from the official office. Our role is to serve the people of Florida.”

Replying to Griffin’s post, DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw tweeted,

“Perfect. There is nothing that infuriates liberals more than seeing their own insane words repeated back to them in black and white.”

“This is spectacular!” Megyn Kelly tweeted.

“This may be one of the greatest emails ever composed,” Erick Erickson declared.

“A missed opportunity, IMO,” Breitbart senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak remarked. “DeSantis would have had the opportunity to speak directly to a skeptical audience.”

DeSantis, who has become an enormously popular figure on the political right, is seeking another term in office this year.

“Liberal media wants to interview Governor DeSantis because his popularity draws ratings,” Pushaw tweeted.

“But @GovRonDeSantis will not assist failing legacy media outlets in growing an audience for their smear pieces & biased reporting laden with contempt for Americans.”

Others are questioning why DeSantis turned down the opportunity to get in front of a large audience.

What they are missing is DeSantis is not another Donald J. Trump. President Trump who likes to mix it up went on the View and as expected, it became heated.

DeSantis I believe would rather stay focused and not get into a mud-throwing contest with those who offer no value for the time that he would give them.

Two different Alpha leaders, with 2 different overall approaches to dealing with the radical left.

I am more prone to go with DeSantis’s approach as the left has lost all objectivity, thus unable to conduct a rational conversation.

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