Joe Biden Will Leave Basement and Hold Small Events

Sleepy Joe is coming out of his basement after Labor Day.

The problem for the left is things have not gone well for the Biden team lately.

The economy, in spite of the governors in CA, IL, NY, NJ, etc, slow-walking their state’s re-openings, is growing again, and the stock market is back to pre-shutdown heights.

ANTIFA and BLM are out of control causing voters to move over to President Trump and the GOP just crushed the DNC in their conventions.

Even CNN knows, their messaging on encouraging the “peaceful protest” is backfiring and now the party is trying to do a U-turn.


With polls shows Biden’s “lead” evaporating since the riots and his disappearance act, his handlers have the impossible task of bringing out the forgetting one and trying to coach him through mini speeches, in front of live audiences.

Even the more liberal polls, who way underestimated President Trump’s support in 2016 are reporting the bad news for the former vice president.

The Hill is reporting – Poll: Biden’s 2020 lead narrows

If the general election for President were held today, 43 percent of registered voters said they’d choose vote for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, while 39 percent said they would vote for a second President Trump term, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds.

The four-point lead for the former vice president is down from 10 percentage points in the same poll from June 1-4.  Trump trailed Biden 47-37 in that poll.

On Thursday Democrats announced Joe Biden will leave his basement and travel to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Arizona — after Labor Day.

At least that’s what they’re saying this week, who knows after the practice sessions with Joe if they go bad, then what, send Kamala?

It must be serious, similar to someone on trial for capital punishment, and in spite of their poor mannerisms, is forced to take the stand to try to save their case.

I think some of the 2016 Clinton campaigns leftovers remember trying to hide Hillary, not campaigning in the close swings states, resulting in President Trump winning them all.

She lost on the electoral map, by around 100K votes, and the Biden team knows it will happen again if Joe stays in the basement.

I can’t wait for Joe’s speeches.

If you live near the cities where Joe will be speaking, make sure to turn out and watch the meltdown continue in person, free of charge.

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