Declining Detroit – Man Tries To Shoot Guy Holding Baby

As social justice activists push for equity and reparations, the multiple urban areas that have been in decline for over 50 years, tend to not be brought up in the conversation.

A majority of the shootings using handguns can be traced back to cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and in this story, Detroit.

A surveillance camera in a Detroit, Michigan gas station captured a deranged man entering, pulling and pointing a gun at another man holding a baby.

The altercation took place On Sunday, Father’s Day, in a Valero around 5:50 p.m.

Fortunately, according to the local police, the gun jammed causing the attempted murderer to leave the property.

Police from Detroit’s Second Precinct released security video showing a man in a tan bucket hat and a white shirt approaching the entrance of the gas station before brandishing his weapon.

He pointed the gun at the man with a 7-month-old baby sleeping on his shoulder.

That man with the baby threw his free hand up and shoved the gun away, which made the gunman walk back outside. He was seen struggling with the gun before walking away.

Here’s the video of the incident released by the police:

Police said that the two men had gotten into an argument a few blocks away from the gas station and that the gunman followed the other man to the Valero.

They also believe that the gun jammed when the man swatted it away, or that the gun jammed on its own and gave him the chance to smack it away. After the gunman left, the man holding the baby locked the door of the gas station.

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Local media was out seeking help from the public to identify the gunman.


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