Brilliant – Group Runs Ads With WOKE Messages – To Highlight Dems Insanity

In today’s busy and rapidly changing culture, political messaging has not kept up with the times.

Thus, the ads, etc have less impact on creating a dialogue with independents and the small percentage of those on the other side of the aisle.

One group has decided to use a different approach. They are marketing leftist radical ideas on massive billboards, etc, which in effect, highlights the insanity of the Democratic agenda.

The group is a conservative organization called Citizens for Sanity.

Their website layouts out their mission:

“Citizens for Sanity’s mission is to return common sense to America, to highlight the importance of logic and reason, and to defeat “wokeism” and anti-critical thinking ideologies that have permeated every sector of our country and threaten the very freedoms that are foundational to the American Dream.”

The group’s posts on Twitter indicate that its billboard ads include statements such as:

  • “Protect Pregnant Men from Climate Discrimination”
  • “Open the jails. Open the borders. Close the schools. Vote progressive this November.”
  • “Violent criminals deserve our compassion and respect. This fall, stand strong for progressive values.”
  • “Vote to keep our borders, jails and bathrooms open. Vote progressive.”
  • “Too much freedom is a bad thing. Get your IRS audit today.”
  • “If you don’t like being audited then you’re the problem.”
  • “Don’t let the radical right put our neighborhood street gangs behind bars. Support Joe Biden & Progressive Candidates.”

The group, which is a tax-exempt nonprofit, according to Politico, is also running ads in other forms of media.

According to Politico, the group said it would push a television ad that focuses on the topic of transgender individuals competing in girls’ sports.

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The ad shows a biological boy defeating girls in a race. “Woke left-wing politicians are destroying girls’ sports.”

The group has also run an advertisement in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that reads, “With great age comes great wisdom. And Joe Biden is old enough to know that men get pregnant too. Stand tall for progressive values this fall.”

“The woke ideology of sheltered white liberals is a mortal threat to American liberty, security and prosperity,” Ian Prior, who is a strategic consultant to the organization, said in a statement, according to Politico.

“Citizens for Sanity is not an ideological organization: we stand for reason, common sense, objectivity, equality, the neutral rule of law, and open scientific inquiry — everything the radical left now stands implacably against,” he noted.

“And we are using these messaging campaigns to alert Americans to the urgent need to defeat and repudiate woke insanity before it destroys America,” he added.


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