President Donald J Trump has been anything, but conventional, in his approach to governance. From his decades of construction and building skyscrapers, it is well known he would reach out to the workers on the worksites and taught his children to learn the business, from the foundations up.

In several union trade jobs, the workers actually earn more money than middle white-collar managers down the street. Skills, work ethic, and loyalty were more important to the success of the business that the degrees on the wall.

According to news reports, President Donald Trump is preparing to direct the federal government to overhaul its hiring to prioritize a job applicant’s skills over a college degree, administration, and industry officials say.

The executive order, expected to be signed Friday will outline a new direction for the nation’s largest employer of  2.1 million civilian workers, excluding postal service employees. Set to take place during a meeting of the board that advises the administration on worker policy.

The White House isn’t eliminating degree requirements altogether but instead will stress skills in jobs where having a degree is less important.

Aides say the change will create more opportunities for Americans to work for the federal government by recognizing that some learning happens outside of classrooms.

From AP

Ivanka Trump predicted the change in federal government hiring would create a more inclusive and talented workforce. She encouraged the private sector to follow the administration’s lead.

“We are modernizing federal hiring to find candidates with the relevant competencies and knowledge, rather than simply recruiting based on degree requirements,” she told The Associated Press in a statement. “We encourage employers everywhere to take a look at their hiring practices and think critically about how initiatives like these can help diversify and strengthen their workforce.”

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, the board’s other co-chair, said the need for skills training and apprenticeships is as great as it was before the coronavirus pandemic forced millions of people out of work, pushing the national unemployment rate above 13% in May.

“Americans are eager to get to work but they need our help,” Ross told AP.

Ivanka Trump and other administration officials have pushed to increase opportunities for apprenticeships and have promoted such training and vocational education as alternatives to traditional two-year or four-year college degree programs.

The Office of Personnel Management will be responsible for implementing the president’s order.

IBM is among the companies that have moved in this direction. Last year, 15% of its new U.S. hires had nontraditional backgrounds because they were evaluated based on skills instead of looking only at their degrees, Ginni Rometty, the company’s executive chairman, said via the White House.

“We hired from new areas of the country, including under-served communities, and this promoted more diversity in the applications we received,” said Rometty, who is expected to participate in Friday’s meeting.

I expect this Executive Order, just as several other effective programs for expanding opportunities for everyone, will go underreported by the media as it doesn’t fit the narrative they are pushing. Hopefully in time, millions of Americans, with great skills but no college degree, use their talents to improve our government and earn the higher income that comes with these positions.

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