Joe Biden Thinks Democrats Control the US Senate

I write about the former Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, not because I want to because I have to.

When Joe retired from politics, he had the opportunity to ride off into the sunset, and except for an occasional story of his quid pro quo deals for Hunter, his ineffective 47 years in politics would have just faded into US history.

Then we started to hear, from the “party of diversity”, that they were concerned that no one in their growing field of mostly women and minority candidates, would be the right choice as the democratic party’s Presidential nominee in 2020.

The party might need an old white man, with an unearned reputation as a champion for blue-collar workers, and could connect with voters in the rust belt.

After some delay, Sleepy Joe Biden announced he was entering the democratic field, angering some who were demanding a non-white nominee this election cycle.

Joe Biden, even with a checkered past, including a friendship with a KKK member, and displaying slowing cognitive skills, he won the nomination.

One of the first warning signs occurred on February 24th.  The former VP told a crowd in South Carolina that he is “running for the U.S. Senate” and if they don’t like him they can “vote for the other Biden.”

No, Joe, you are running for President, and by the way, who is the other Biden?

Joe also while speaking to a crowd in North Carolina on Super Tuesday, referred to Super Tuesday as ‘Super Thursday’ and told a CNN town hall audience that 150 million people in the US were killed with guns.

Lets fast forward, past dozens of other blunders to last Monday.

In a virtual appearance at a Doug Jones rally Monday, Joe Biden told the Democrats viewers, it’s important that the Democrats keep control of the House and US Senate.

“We have to do more than just beat Trump,” Biden said. “We have to keep the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.”

Hey Joe, the GOP is in control of the US Senate.


It is shameful for anyone to vote for a presidential candidate, who has displayed the mental inability to perform the job.

We are voting for a chief executive officer to run our country, not an aged man, who would take his meds in the morning, so he could do the bidding of those who could get a pen in his hand, bills in front of him, then walk him through the process of the signing them, The End.

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