CNN’s Racist Lemon: Trump Supporters ‘Not Playing with Reality’– Should Face ‘Consequences’

Journalism died at CNN decades ago.

What started at the first 24-hour cable news network, has morphed into a propaganda wing of the democratic party.

The network has been losing market share as more independent news networks like OAN and Newsmax have jumped into the fray.

Things turned around for CNN during the run-up to the 2016 & 2020 elections plus during the 4 years, President Trump was in office.

Their formula was to consistently attack Trump, his family, his corporation, and his massive number of supporters.

In addition, CNN was a major player in propagating the Russian Hoax, and in inflaming their audience during the impeachment trials.

Following Trump’s departure from the Oval Office and his tweets ending with the loss of his Twitter account, CNN ratings dramatically dropped.

The network lost nearly 50% of its target audience during primetime hours.

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Jake Tapper’s show “The Lead” has suffered a massive loss of 75% of his audience since January. CNN’s ratings have collapsed across the board. More proof that American’s trust in media is vanishing rapidly.

Even though the network is collapsing, they continue on their path of attacking Trump and his supporters.

The network shows hosts and guests frequently speak of them as racist “entitling” them to speak of the MAGA supporters as almost non-human, worthy of receiving physical violence.

On Monday, CNN anchor Don Lemon during the handoff from Chris Cuomo said that supporters of former President Donald Trump were not in “reality” and should face consequences for the damage they’re doing to our democracy by believing Trump won in 2020.

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Lemon, a frequent defender of the Biden administration, admitted that he thought Democrats weren’t “governing well at the moment,” and that they weren’t seeing the urgency of issues like voting rights and “the Big Lie,” referencing claims of election fraud by former President Donald Trump.

Lemon said, “There is one political party in this country that is working on reality, and that is the Democratic Party. But even in that, they’re not governing very well at the moment. They are not performing the duty of being good politicians in the moment. They don’t see the urgency of what is happening across the country with voting rights, the urgency of what is happening with the big lie. They are still operating on thinking that ‘Oh, everything is normal. You know, we’ve got to play politics, as usual.’

“It’s not politics as usual. What is happening of the right is not politics as usual. What is happening on the right is not right. It’s wrong. They should pay the consequences for what they’re doing to our democracy, the damage they’re doing to our democracy, and the damage they’re doing to this republic.”

He continued, “We listen to the fringes too much. The fringes have the loudest voices. The fringes all the way on the right have the loudest voices. The people who are not, you know, playing with reality, the Trumpers, we listen to them too much.”

As long as wealthy progressives at corporate are willing to underwrite this failing network, we can expect it to continue dividing our nation.

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