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CNN’s Chris Wallace Confirmed Jan. 6 Hearing A Nothing Burger

For several months leftists have worked endlessly to promote their upcoming made-for-television January 6th, propaganda specials.

In April, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., suggested that the House Jan. 6 committee’s upcoming hearings will be dramatic and include explosive revelations that the panel has been piecing together behind the scenes for months.

“The hearings will tell a story that will really blow the roof off the House,” Raskin said Thursday at an event hosted by Georgetown University’s Center on Faith and Justice in Washington.

Raskin said the committee will present “evidence” that proves there was coordination among then-President Donald Trump and his inner circle and his supporters who attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6 in an attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

CNN, which is under new ownership, is attempting to restore some semblance of credibility following its disastrous, Anti-Trump years under Jeff Zucker.

Anchor Chris Wallace, one of the Cable News Networks’ recent additions, in effect, threw some water on the left’s expectations leading into the partisan Jan. 6th hearings concerning the riot at the United States Capitol.

Without any sources divulging new bombshells going in, Wallace implied that Thursday’s event would end without new substantive evidence to back up their advertised hyperbolic claims.

To support his skepticism, Wallace — the former Fox News anchor,  cited “overselling” by lawmakers on the House Jan. 6 committee and the hiring of a former ABC News executive to produce the hearings for TV.

“First of all I think the committee has fallen prey to terrible hype, terrible overselling,” Wallace explained. “You’ve got Jamie Raskin, one of the members of the committee saying this is going to blow the roof off the house. You’ve got Adam Kinzinger saying it’s going to change history.”

“Secondly, they have gotten the former president of ABC News Jim Goldston to produce this made-for-TV event,” he added. “I think that’s a bad look both for the committee and mainstream media to seem that they’re hand-in-glove with each other.”

Considering Jan. 6 happened 18 months ago, Wallace said he believes most Americans have already made up their minds about the events that day and the 2020 election, thus few Americans will be persuaded by the hearings.

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“Do I think that something is going to happen tonight that is going to change that dramatically? I’m skeptical,” Wallace said.

After the first hearing concluded, Wallace reiterated that nothing he saw — none of the earth-shattering evidence the committee promised — convinced him the hearings will shift Americans’ opinions about Jan. 6.

“It was a very powerful, a very well-produced, if you will, two-hour presentation — I still have questions,” Wallace reacted.

“If you were horrified by the events of Jan. 6 and what we’ve learned since you were certainly horrified by what you saw,” he explained. “If you haven’t been convinced of that in the last year and a half, I’m not sure if this or anything will change your mind.”

Just like the Russian Hox hearings and former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s embarrassing testimony of his team’s findings, last night was an exercise in futility, and without Zucker, those like Wallace were able to actually admit it.


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