CNN Analysts: Things Don’t Look Good For The Anti-Trumpers

The democratic party has been trying to “trump up” criminal charges against former President Trump from even before he came down the escalator to announce his candidacy in 2015.

After spending $40 plus million dollars on multiple investigations, recruiting a handful of “whistleblowers” and throwing in a few lying witnesses, they still have zero charges to bring.

On Monday, a CNN legal analyst explained that “major constitutional, legal, political and practical obstacles” exist in turning any potential indictment of former President Donald Trump into a conviction

“The committee did not establish a direct line of communication or instruction from the White House to extremist groups like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys,” Elie Honig, a former federal prosecutor, told “New Day” co-host John Berman. “The committee did say that Trump knew how to communicate with him,” he said.

“They focused on his tweet and they made a case that these groups listened to Donald Trump, reacted to what he said, and only left when he told them to leave the Capitol,” he added.

Honig also pointed out that time was working against the Jan. 6 committee, particularly when it came to subpoenas.

“Ultimately, given the calendar, the committee does not have the ability to go to court, so they are really at the mercy of these people,” Honig said. “That said, they did work something out with Pat Cipollone.”

Honig told Berman that the investigation by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis could generate an indictment.

“Her investigation does appear to be accelerating, but keep in mind if there is a charge out of the Fulton County DA, I think that’s the most likely of the various investigations, there are major constitutional, legal, political, and practical obstacles to turning that indictment into a conviction”.

Honig described the Jan. 6 committee as “one-sided” despite its apparent bi-partisan composition in June. Except for a few RINOs, Republicans boycotted the committee after Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to allow Republican Reps Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana to serve.

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Also on CNN, Jake Tapper learned how poorly Joe is doing, this time by looking further into recent polling data.

CNN’s political director, David Chalian, discussed the data with CNN anchor Jake Tapper on “The Lead”.

The two focused on President Biden’s terrible approval rating, which is well below former Presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and George Bush for having the “right priorities” at this point in his presidency.

The larger issue the democrats have with reference to 2024 is, even if and I don’t expect this, they were able to get Mr. Trump out of the race, there is no way they could defeat DeSantis who would most likely be the nominee in this scenario.

This is why election fraud is still my and millions of others’ biggest concern about the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections.

We don’t believe the Democrats can win, without cheating, as they have no record to run on except for Biden’s less than 2 years of failures.

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