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CNN Host Says; Jaw “Literally Dropped” Over Comments Of WI Young Black Voter

For over 50 years, the Democratic party has relied on black Americans to win elections, and stay in office across the nation.

In 2020, the number of Black Americans eligible to vote for president reached a record 30 million in 2020, with more than one-third living in nine of the nation’s most competitive states .

They include Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

A higher share than the 29% of all U.S. eligible voters who live in these states. Nationwide, Black eligible voters now make up 12.5% of the U.S. electorate, up from 11.5% in 2000.

In 2020 Joe Biden received solid support among African Americans.

Biden received 92% of the Black vote, statistically indistinguishable from Hillary Clinton’s 91% in 2016.

“His support among Black women was never in doubt, but President Trump’s alleged appeal to Black men turned out to be illusory. (His share of the Black male vote fell from 14% in 2016 to 12% in 2020 while Biden raised the Democrats’ share from 81% to 87%.) African Americans confirmed their status as a unique group of voters for whom the contemporary Republican Party holds no discernible appeal.”

So with this in mind, CNN host Phil Mattingly admitted Friday that his jaw “literally dropped” after hearing a young black voter admit that he doesn’t know if he will vote for President Joe Biden in 2024.

CNN anchor John King traveled to Milwaukee to gauged the 2024 local support of Biden in the black community. He quickly realized after speaking with black voters that, according to him, there concerns could be a “giant problem” for Biden’s re-election hopes.

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King spoke with Devonta Johnson, a canvasser for Black Leaders Organizing for Communities, a typically shoe-in as a democratic vote.

King asked Johnson, “If you’re Joe Biden and you want to be re-elected, he’d have a problem today, right?”

“Yes, he would. He would have a big problem,” Johnson admitted.

King then asked Johnson who he will vote for: Biden or Donald Trump. “That’s a — that’s just a tough one,” Johnson responded.

When the report concluded, King put into perspective the significance of what he learned in Milwaukee.

“Just stunning, that young man there, ‘I don’t know who I’m going to vote for.’ A young black man in Milwaukee who is actually part of this activist community,” he said. “Then you have the older black women answering the door saying, ‘Yeah, people died for my right to vote, but I’m not sure I’m going to vote because I’m so disaffected and disenchanted.'”

That’s when Mattingly expressed his disbelief over Johnson’s brutal honesty.

“My jaw literally dropped at the end of that piece when he didn’t say who he was going to vote for. A 21-year-old young black man in the activist community doesn’t know,” the CNN anchor said.

King answered, “Because he looks at Washington and says, ‘What are they doing that’s relevant to my life? Nothing.'”

Another Milwaukee voter, Davette Bake, told King that he “love[s] Joe” but graded Biden’s presidency a four on a scale of 1 to 10.

Joanna Brookes, a liberal Yoga teacher focused on preserving abortion “rights”, expressed her concern that the Democratic Party takes black people for granted.

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“Black voters in general, I think, tend to be pretty loyal to the Democratic Party. And sometimes I wonder, just based on how that party has performed thus far for people of color, if we should continue to be,” Brookes said.

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