AZ State Supreme Court Ends Democrats’ 2022 Election Scam

The progressives have one attribute that even the most ardent conservative can appreciate, tenacity.

In the left’s pursuit of systematically trying to burn down the current American economic, political, and cultural systems, Millennials and Gen Z radicals work tirelessly trying to advance their leadership’s edicts.

Well, they came up a little short in one of their schemes in Arizona.

The Arizona Supreme Court struck down their Soros-funded proposed ballot initiative, that if successfully approved by voters, would have repealed several election-integrity laws passed by the Republican-controlled legislature.

Titled Proposition 210, the now-failed ballot initiative had the potential to completely overhaul Arizona’s election laws, several of which the state legislature recently passed.

As noted by The Tennessee Star, the 26-page proposal “is very similar to the federal HR 1,” the legislation previously introduced by congressional Democrats that would have resulted in a federal takeover of elections.

The proposed changes to Arizona election law include:

  • Allowing Same-day voter registration,
  • Repealing of “Arizona’s ballot harvesting ban,” and “voter registration with minimal identification, such as a pay stub.”
  • Disqualified “electors who don’t choose the president selected by Arizona’s presidential election,”
  • Eliminated “the 30-day residency requirement in order to vote,”
  • Made it “harder to cancel voter registrations of inactive voters,”
  • Plus more…

In 2021, the Arizona legislature passed a law that “requires the state to remove infrequent voters from the state’s Permanent Early Voting List, turning it into an ‘active’ early voting list.”

GOP Gov. Doug Ducey also signed a bill earlier this year mandating that voters show proof of citizenship in order to vote in federal elections.

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Unfortunately for the GOP, the proof of citizenship requirement is part of a lawsuit filed against Arizona by the Biden Department of Justice, which referred to the law as an “unnecessary requirement” that “turns the clock back on progress” and “block[s] eligible voters from the registration rolls for certain federal elections.”

According to the Associated Press (AP), the state Supreme Court’s decision “upholds a lower court ruling issued hours earlier, in which Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Joseph Mikitish rejected thousands of signatures and said the initiative fell 1,458 signatures short of the 238,000 required to qualify for the ballot.”

In response to the high court’s decision far-left backers of Proposition 210 have issued several “woke” statements, with the committee backing the initiative going as far as to claim that certain “politicians have been intentionally trying to attack the ballot measure process for over a decade to prevent voters from being able to make decisions about Arizona’s future at the ballot box.”

In the end, the AZ voters who care about integrity in their elections, just dodged a huge bullet, at least for the mid-terms.

Rest assured though, this group will keep working, and I expect they will try to get these un-American items approved in time for the 2024 elections.


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