Citizen Helps Rescue Shooting Victim By Applying Tourniquet – Video

For close to 2,000 years times virtues have been taught and until recently, were on display in American civics.  

Jesus Christ told his followers; My command is this: “Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

The unnamed citizen told Fox 35 he was entering the Texas Roadhouse restaurant on Semoran Boulevard when the emergency situation unfolded, the outlet reported Monday.

A man whom he believed had been shot needed help, so the citizen immediately removed his shirt to make a tourniquet.

He pulled out a knife, cut off one sleeve, and made a knot over the victim’s wound in an effort to save his life.

A tourniquet is described as a band tied securely around a person’s arm or leg to staunch the flow of blood once the person has been wounded, according to VeryWell Health.

When the initial incident unfolded that afternoon, a man who was in a car that was rear-ended, exited the vehicle to talk with a Nissan Murano’s driver.

However, the Murano’s driver reportedly got into the victim’s car, grabbed his backpack, and the pair began arguing The Murano driver flashed a gun and allegedly shot another person before fleeing in his own vehicle.

Here is video footage of the scene.

“Who knows that bullet could have gone anywhere. Could have hit one of us walking in there,” the Good Samaritan said.

“I thought of my kids. It’s rough. But, hopefully, he’ll be alright,” he added.

Not long after his daughter called 911 for help, crews arrived and expressed their gratitude to the citizen for knowing what to do.

“They said if it weren’t for me, he probably would have bled out. Thankfully I was there,” he recalled, noting he hopes others will hear the story and be brave enough to help when they are needed.

Authorities subsequently classified the incident as an attempted robbery and attempted murder case, but they do not yet have any information regarding the suspect.

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