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Christian Nurse Suspended From Certification Program For Saying ‘Being White Doesn’t Make You Racist”

England, the former “motherland” of the United States, was rejected by those seeking freedom from their tyrannical king, ending in the Revolutionary War.

In addition, Britain has lost its most of influence in Australia and other now autonomous nations once under the control of the British Monarchy.

Because of their naive immigration policies over the past century, England continues to move away from its roots and culture.

They are now comprised of a woke hodgepodge of worldviews and cultures inside their borders.

Being white and Christian is no longer tolerable in the UK. These immutable characteristics are being taught as defects in many universities and vocational training seminars.

A Christian nurse was suspended from an NHS certification program after she said “being white doesn’t make you racist.”

Amy Gallagher said she was threatened, harassed, bullied, and suspended by the woke staff leaving her with crippling anxiety.

The lecturers at the NHS in Britain also taught that Christianity is responsible for racism because “it’s European.”

Gallagher has filed a lawsuit against the Tavistock Trust where she took the course.

The Daily Mail reported:

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A Christian nurse was left with ‘crippling anxiety’ after she was ‘bullied’ by ‘woke’ NHS chiefs for saying that being white doesn’t make you racist.

Amy Gallagher, 34, a mental health nurse from Orpington, Kent, was on a forensic psychology course training to be a psychotherapist at the Portman clinic, which is part of The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline Amy has revealed how NHS bosses caused her ‘crippling anxiety’ after she challenged their ‘racist’ and ‘offensive’ views in lectures she was forced to attend.

Lecturers at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust told her ‘whites don’t understand the world’ and ‘Christianity is responsible for racism because it’s European’ in a series of ‘politically biased’ talks.

One of Tavistock’s seminars was even called ‘Whiteness — a problem for our time’ and included a description on the Trust’s website that ‘the problem of racism is a problem of whiteness’.

When Amy challenged these controversial views she was ‘bullied’ by staff and suspended from the course, pending an investigation into whether she is safe to work with patients.

Almost a year later, no investigation has taken place.

It means her dream of becoming a psychotherapist is hanging by a thread.

As if that wasn’t enough, a course lecturer also tried to get her banned from her day job as a practicing mental health nurse.

The NHS shut down its gender identity clinic for children at the Tavistock and Portman NHS foundation trust after it was criticized in an independent review.


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