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China Mocking Climate Emergency – Building 43 New Coal-Fired Power Plants

The People’s Republic of China is openly mocking the globalist tree huggers’; “Climate Emergency”.

As many world leaders are following the lead, and participating in The World Economic Forum’s “The Great Reset”, China is saying one thing, and doing the exact opposite.

Here is what China says they are also working towards:

“The pandemic has radically changed the world as we know it, and the actions we take today, as we work to recover, will define our generation. It’s why the World Economic Forum is calling for a new form of capitalism, one that puts people and planet first, as we come together to rebuild the world after COVID-19.”

But, in reality, China was responsible for more than half of the new coal power station capacity being built around the world last year, showing how much the country is propping up one of the worst drivers of climate change.

As the world’s largest polluter, they have symbolically pledged to bring their emissions to a peak before 2030 and to make the country carbon neutral by 2060, but don’t hold your breath.

As of January 2022, the nations with the most active coal power plants included: China (Mainland) with 1,110, India-285, and United States-240.

The Biden administration is strangling, slowing killing, the fossil fuels industry in the United States in their attempt to move the nation to zero emissions.

China, on the other hand, is planning to build another 43 new coal-fired power plants and 18 new blast furnaces — equivalent to adding about 1.5% to its current annual emissions — according to a new report.

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The news shows that China continues to prioritise economic growth over emissions reductions — although some analysts naively believe that China will reach its climate targets.

“There is this desire in the Chinese political and economic system to keep on building, to continue the infrastructure fever,” says Li Shuo, a senior global policy adviser for Greenpeace in Beijing.

Nearly 200 countries pledged a “phasing down” of coal at the COP26 climate summit last year.

But figures from a report by the non-profit Global Energy Monitor show that is nowhere near being realized yet. Globally, the number of coal power stations is actually growing as new constructions more than offset the closure of old plants.

Construction of new coal-fired stations is occurring overwhelmingly in Asia, with China accounting for 52 percent of the 176 gigawatts of coal capacity under construction in 20 countries last year.

The global figure is barely changed from the 181 GW that was under construction in 2020, despite authoritative analyses showing that no more new coal projects can be built if climate goals are to be met.

“It’s a mixed story. Everywhere outside of China, plans for new coal-fired power plants have been scaled back dramatically,” says one of the report’s authors, Lauri Myllyvirta at the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air. “However, Chinese firms have continued to announce new coal-fired power stations and there is very clear government backing for that. That’s a worrying sign.”

There is no expectation that China will change course on coal this year, says Myllyvirta, though he says its promise last year to stop financing coal projects overseas has already seen 13 GW of plants canceled. He expects a further 37 GW to be canceled this year because of the move.

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However, Myllyvirta says it is “delusional” to think this is a “new normal”, arguing the fuel only became temporarily attractive because gas became so expensive.

China is an increasing Communist global power that is only looking out for one nation’s interests, its own.

They will burn as much coal as necessary to continue to grow, in the pursuit of their final global objective of being the ONLY Super Power in the world.

Nothing including global frustration at the CCP’s population output will stop them from achieving it, at least that is their plan.


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