CEO Buys 50K Mega Millions Tickets, Plans To Split Jackpot With Employees

Progressives in the United States are targeting those who are doing well financially, trying to shame them publically.

Through the advancement of Marxist indoctrination in the entertainment and education systems, those who don’t have as much are told to express their frustration towards this group of successful business owners and corporate CEOs.

In reality, many who have are frequently the most charitable.

Raising Cane’s CEO AJ Kumaran bought 50,000 lottery tickets for all his employees as the Mega Millions jackpot hits $810 million.

Todd Graves, the founder and co-CEO of Raising Cane’s, shared a video on his Twitter account showing a lottery machine printing Mega Millions tickets.

He captioned the video: “Buying 50,000 lottery tickets is harder than you think! Hoping to share the winning jackpot with our 50,000”

The current jackpot is $810 Million, the third largest in Mega Millions history and fourth-biggest prize ever in U.S. lottery, after no tickets matched all five white balls and the gold Mega ball in Friday’s drawing.

“As soon as we heard how big this jackpot prize is, we couldn’t miss out on the chance to win the Mega Millions jackpot and share it with our crew who always stand together,” Graves said in a news release. “None of what we do at Cane’s would be possible without our crew, which is why we are always looking for ways to bring them a little extra fun, and if we’re lucky, a surprise on Wednesday morning.”

Raising Cane’s co-CEO and COO AJ Kumaran is the man in the video who personally bought the tickets for Graves, who is currently out of the country.

He said it took “seven or eight hours” total to print out all the tickets.

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