CDC Increases Body Mass Chart To Accommodate Obese Youth

Politicians have been advancing their globalist agenda by coming up with new emergencies.

Using the extra powers afforded during an emergency declaration, Americans have lost privacy through the Patriot Act, and are still trying to decouple from the government’s draconian COVID  measures that were put in place during the spring months of 2020.

But, as social justice activists continue to pressure Americans to no longer consider obesity as being unhealthy, to prevent “fat shaming”, the Biden administration has not declared the shocking increase in obesity among American children, a national emergency.

To accommodate these overweight youth, the result of eating processed high-calorie food combined with high levels of inactivity (66% of US children get at least 2 hours of screen time daily) — the CDC has been forced to expand the body-mass index (BMI) chart it uses to clinically assess the presence and severity of obesity.

Per official statistics, obesity rates have nearly quadrupled in American children since 1971.

Since these children don’t exercise, their bodies store up the energy (sugar), as fat.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday released new body mass index charts for children in response to the growing obesity crisis in the U.S.

The previous BMI chart for children ages 2 to 19, published in 2000, is based on data from 1963 to 1980, but obesity and severe obesity in children has increased significantly since the ’80s. More than 4.5 million children and teenagers had severe obesity in 2018, according to the CDC…

“Prior to today’s release, the growth charts did not extend high enough to plot BMI for the increasing number of children with severe obesity,” said Dr. Karen Hacker, director of the CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

BMI, one of the key metrics to assess metabolic health, is calculated as a ratio of height to weight. It’s an easy measurement that gives an instantaneous rough estimate of body fat percentage (although lean muscle mass can confound the calculations).

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A normal BMI falls in the 18.5–24.9 range. The new metrics extend BMI measurements for kids to 60.

If parents don’t wake up and stop worrying about their overweight children’s feelings and get them on a road to healthy living, the future looks bleak for the unhealthy youth of Generation Z and Gen Alpha.

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