CCP Govt. ‘Intentionally Released’ COVID-19 ‘All Over The World,’ Chinese Virologist Claims

With the advent of the Internet, information from around the world become accessible to those who could access the web.

But as with pre-existing communication methods and varying cultural norms, those who try to share important information about the nefarious activities of their governments, etc, are silenced or discredited by those in power trying to prevent the acceptance of their messages.

In July 2020, a Chinese virologist blew the whistle on China’s alleged attempts to suppress information about its handling of the virus.

Using her networks of contacts in Chinese medical facilities, Dr. Li Meng Yan attempted to gather more information about the virus as China blocked overseas experts from conducting research in the country.

On Monday, Dr. Yan who sounded the alarm said the U.S. has reached a “milestone achievement” following the release of a classified intelligence report from the Energy Department that reportedly found the virus most likely originated in a Chinese lab.

Yan was a respected doctor who specialized in virology and immunology at the Hong Kong School of Public Health before fleeing in April 2020 after she began looking into the growing number of cases coming out of mainland China that involved human-to-human transmission.

Host Tucker Carlson asked Yan on Monday if she still believes the virus was intentionally released nearly three years after the pandemic started.

“Of course, it was not an accident,” she responded.

“Maybe for people who don’t have this kind of biosafety lab three or four [years] experience on coronavirus, maybe it’s easy for them to accept the accident lab leak. However, I’m a scientist, working in [a] research lab using coronavirus. And I can tell you, based on the print protocol and also the other surveillance system, it would be impossible for the lab leak [to] accidentally happen in such [a] lab and cause the Wuhan outbreak and also the pandemic,” Yan said.

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“So definitely now we just reached the first step. It was from China’s lab, and we need to pursue the truth of origin, and we need to keep going on.”

Yan said that based on the evidence she has seen and the source she has spoken to, the virus was “intentionally brought out of this strict lab and released in the community.”

“However, I don’t think the outbreak in Wuhan was intentional. I would say it was because [the] CCP government and the military scientists underestimated the transmissibility,” Yang said.

“That’s why finally it got out of control and the cost was a local outbreak. However, we should know that the CCP government intentionally let it go all over the world to kill millions of people all over the world later,” she added.

She reported her findings to her supervisor on Jan. 16, 2020, but that’s when he allegedly told her “to keep silent and be careful.”

“As he warned me before, ‘Don’t touch the red line,'” Yan said referring to the government. “We will get in trouble, and we’ll be disappeared.”


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