Shocking – California Drug Bust Found Enough Opioids To ‘Kill More Than 50 Million People’

Under Joe Biden, the United States is wide open for anyone, for any reason to come across our southern border.

The question I have for America is; Because of the open border who will be held accountable for crimes committed by drugs traffickers, those who commit muders, for human trafficking, or possible actions committed by terrorists.

Texas is reporting massive numbers of unknown, unvetted foreign nationals pouring into the “Lone Star State.”

Governor Abbott Fired Back At U.S. Attorney General Garland’s Response To Executive Order GA-37

“It would be of some solace if the federal government were conducting appropriate COVID-19 testing and other mitigation strategies, but to the contrary, we hear too many reports of the federal government recklessly failing to do so and instead admitting into the United States — and Texas — migrants from over 150 countries, many of whom are testing positive for COVID-19.

In addition to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California have seen surges in drugs and human trafficking.

A California man and woman were charged in a massive drug bust that found more than 46 pounds of a lethal and potent synthetic opioid, multiple sources reported.

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Andres Jesus Morales, 30, and Christine Ponce, 27, were charged with four felony counts each of possession of a controlled substance for sale, the Riverside District Attorney’s Office announced on Thursday.

The Riverside Police Department raided Morales’ and Ponce’s home in Perris, California, on Aug. 17, where they found 46.2 pounds of carfentanil, 8.8 pounds of cocaine, and 2.2 pounds of heroin, according to USA Today.

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No one was at the home at the time, but police said they identified Morales and Ponce as suspects of the case.

Carfentanil is a synthetic opioid that is typically used as a tranquilizing agent for elephants and other large mammals, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. When administered to humans, the drug is 10,000 times more potent than morphine and 100 times more potent than fentanyl, according to the DEA.

Two milligrams of fentanyl is enough to kill someone, and even just touching the substance can be lethal as it can be absorbed by skin, according to the DEA.

“If mixed in with other drugs, the 21 kilos of carfentanil seized could have been enough to potentially kill more than 50 million people,” the Riverside District Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

Reported By Daily Caller

The DEA first issued a public notice about carfentanil in 2016, and then acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg said, “it is crazy dangerous.” In Nov. 2019, New York authorities seized 11 pounds of carfentanil in what was then the largest seizure of it.

Last week’s bust is believed to be the single largest seizure of carfentanil in Riverside County history.

The arrests were made after authorities raided another home in the city on Sept. 14, where another 35.2 pounds of cocaine were seized. Morales and Ponce pleaded not guilty to the charges and are being held in prison without bail.

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