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Britney Spears Posts Bombshell Video About Alleged Family Abuse

I typically would not spend more than a minute on a story concerning a cultural pop star and globally known recording artist.

But, my wife and I recently watched a documentary concerning the abuse, manipulation, and basically imprisonment of Brtiney Spears, by her own parents, and believe it or not, legally.

On Sunday, the pop star posted a 22-minute YouTube video.

It featured audio of her telling the story in her own words.

The pop superstar described the mental “abuse” she experienced as a result of her conservatorship and also shared why she turned down “lots of money” to do a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“I get nothing out of sharing all of this,” Spears, 40, said. “I have offers to do interviews with Oprah and so many people [for] lots and lots of money, but it’s insane. I don’t want any of it. For me, it’s beyond a sit-down proper interview.”

The “Hold Me Closer” singer once again lashed out at her family in the since-deleted audio, explaining she felt like they had abandoned her amid her conservatorship.

“They literally killed me. They threw me away,” Spears said. “I felt like my family threw me away. I was performing for thousands of people at night in Vegas, the rush of being a performer, the laughter, the respect … I was a machine. I was a f–king machine, not even human almost. It was insane.”

Britney also reaffirmed her previous claim that she was forced into a mental health facility in early 2019 because she objected to a dance move during one of her rehearsals.

In the audio, she described the abuse she experienced inside the facility, in which she allegedly had to undress in front of others and attend “militant” forms of therapy.

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“They put me in an ignorant state of mind to make me feel like I needed them,” she said, adding that she was allegedly told, “If you don’t do what we say, we’re going to show you who’s boss.”

Spears claimed she was forced to tell the public that she sought treatment due to her father Jamie Spears’ colon illness, but behind closed doors, she was “crying” to her dad and then-conservator, Jamie Spears, and her team.

“I was, like, ‘Why are you guys doing this?’” the singer/dancer said she told them, adding that Jamie’s last words to her allegedly were, “Now you don’t have to go, but if you don’t go, we’re going to go to trial and you’re going to lose. I have way more people on my side than you [do]. You don’t even have a lawyer, so don’t even think about it.”

The teen icon also revealed her thoughts and feeling in a pair of tweets this past week.

This is another story of a family gone bad, as the parent’s lust for power, money, and control got the best of them.

Justin Beiber plus other celebs have also had issues with their parents and others in the business, taking advantage of them.

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