Breaking – Supreme Court Tells Football Coach, Pray Away!

In a case that has perplexed many conservatives and people of faith over the past 7 years, the Supreme Court on Monday, in another 6-3 decision, once again turned back the left’s assault on the Constitutional rights provided for all citizens, ‘even’ Christians.

The highest court in the land vaccinated terrible rulings, by 3 separate judges, who actually ruled that a US Citizen, Joseph Kennedy, was justly fired for praying quietly, following a football game.

The issues they considered were whether a public school employee praying alone but in view of students was engaging in unprotected “government speech,” and if it is not government speech, does it still pose a problem under the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.

The Supreme Court ruled Monday in a 6-3 decision that the answer to both questions is no.

“Here, a government entity sought to punish an individual for engaging in a brief, quiet, personal religious observance doubly protected by the Free Exercise and Free Speech Clauses of the First Amendment. And the only meaningful justification the government offered for its reprisal rested on a mistaken view that it had a duty to ferret out and suppress,” Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote in the Court’s opinion. “Religious observances even as it allows comparable secular speech. The Constitution neither mandates nor tolerates that kind of discrimination.”

“That reasoning was misguided,” the majority opinion said. “Both the Free Exercise and Free Speech Clauses of the First Amendment protect expressions like Mr. Kennedy’s. Nor does a proper understanding of the Amendment’s Establishment Clause require the government to single out private religious speech for special disfavor. ”

Gorsuch stated that not just the Constitution, but “the best of our traditions” call for “mutual respect and tolerance, not censorship and suppression, for religious and nonreligious views alike.”

The case stems from a March 2020 ruling by Federal District Court Judge, Ronald Leighton. He granted the Bremerton (WA) School District’s motion for summary judgment in the case of Coach Joe Kennedy.

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School officials argued that Kenedy’s prayers might give the appearance that the district approved of Coach Kennedy’s public prayers, creating a potential endorsement of religion.

They eventually fired Kennedy, who calls that a violation of his right to free speech.

Kennedy and his legal team appealed the decision.

The case started following the 2015 firing of Kennedy by the school district for the coaches kneeling on the 50-yard line after football games and silently praying.

CBN News reported that the post-game prayers caught on, spilling over to his players and even to opposing teams, leading to a single “separation of church and state” activist, filing a complaint.

On a side note, the separation of church and state, can’t be found in the Constitution.

The First Amendment On The Supreme Constitution

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

According to Kennedy, the school said, “You can choose between your faith and your job,” and then fired him after he continued to silently pray after games.

Kennedy told CBN News that his prayers were never mandatory.

Here is the Supreme Court’s Decision.

Well America, this was another crucial ruling by the Supreme Court

To me, the fact that 3 judges actually ruled that religious liberties could be suppressed by the government, is the exact reason why our founding fathers wrote the 1st Amendment.

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This was too close for comfort but praise God that justice was served in the end.


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