Biden’s Border Invasion Could Triple In 2 Weeks, Up To 500K Illegals Monthly

In less than 2 years, President Biden’s administration’s policies have resulted in 5.5 million illegal aliens entering the United States of America.

In spite of the record number of foreign nationals flooding our border, President Biden has not visited the border one time to convince Americans he actually cares about the sovereignty of the nation.  On Tuesday, a reporter asked the president at the White House why he was traveling to Arizona with no plans of visiting the border.

Biden’s response said it all, Because there are more important things going on. They’re going to invest billions of dollars in the new enterprise in the state,” Biden responded, referencing a Taiwanese investment in the manufacturing of chips in Phoenix, Arizona.

Back in March 2022, a decision was made by the White House to allow a Trump administration immigration policy to expire, Title 42, which has allowed federal immigration officials to quickly deport illegal aliens after they have crossed the United States-Mexico border.

In response, “Homeland security officials described contingency plans for managing as many as 18,000 encounters a day at the border, regardless of the cause,” according to the New York Times.

That inflow would add up to more than 500,000 people a month — or more migrants than American births in a month. The southern flood would exacerbate the economic damage already caused by the flood of roughly 1 million legal immigrants and perhaps 400,000 new visa workers.

Now just two weeks from the expiration date of December 21, Biden’s administration is reportedly still charging “full speed ahead,” an official says.

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Last month, a federal judge struck down Title 42 — the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) authority first imposed by former President Trump in 2020.

An administration official told CBS News that Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “continues to charge full speed ahead in preparing for Title 42 to lift on December 21.”

Another administration official justified to Axios that the CDC has “made a science-based determination that Title 42 is no longer necessary.”

The Biden administration’s existing plan will use American taxpayer money to fund additional non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to more quickly release border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities away from the border.

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